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Guests at Abhyasa

Abhyasa which has become cynosure of many eyes because of her activity-oriented learning, has also attracted the attention of some International guests, who visited the campus all the way from the United Kingdom as a four-member team to study the Educational System in India. They were so impressed by the ambience of the school and quality of presentation by the students about The Food and Festivals of India – a topic under their study, that they invited as many as ten students to participate in the 'World Peace Conference' at London.

Visit by Rev. Dr. Jose Aikara

On 8th of November, Rev. Dr. Jose Aikara visited Abhyasa, honouring his commitment made to our Principal, Mr. Vinayak Kalletla and also on being impressed by performance by Abhyasites at the opening ceremony during the National ICSE/ISC Athletics Meet, held at Ramadevi Public School.

Dr. Aikara, the Secretary of the All India Association of ICSE and ISC schools, was delighted to be in a pleasant ambience and also had an interaction, where he answered various queries posed by the students ranging from the bulk of syllabus, academics-related questions and methods to how to overcome stress during examinations, very patiently for almost two hours! He shared with us, informative points regarding the board, the pattern of examination and the student friendly nature of the ICSE as the answers to the some of the related questions posed by students. The students of classes X and XII were all ears towards the talk as they knew that even small mistakes in their final examinations would cost them their valuable marks.

Dr. Jose Aikara, the Principal of De Paul’s International School, inspired the students of class X and XII students to exert themselves to achieve the best in the forthcoming board examinations.

Master Abhinay Vyas

(Class X)

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