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Rural Service Programme

Arpan - The Grama Seva Programme of Abhyasa:

About UsAims to sensitize the students to the economic and social realities of Indians and share their resources with the less privileged and disadvantaged. Inculcates social responsibility, empathy and service mindedness among the students.

Arpan: The rural service programme of Abhyasa aims to sensitize the students to the economic and social realities of Indians and share their resources with the less privileged and disadvantaged, inculcates social responsibility, empathy and service-mindedness among the students. The students have adopted the 300-household Harijanwada at Toopran village and aim to develop this hamlet into a model village, by the year 2020. Regular health checkup camps, sharing of educational technologies, de-addiction counseling programmes are conducted by the students at the village.

Bi-Annual Medical Camps for the Poor:

The camps are conducted in the months of July and in Nov with an idea to serve the Medical needs of the people in and around Toopran. On an average in every camp at about 800 patients are diagnosed and medicines are distributed freely. Many Doctor Parents also contribute to the success of these Medical camps.

Adult Literacy:

The Abhyasa Gram Seva Student Management Group spend their free time and the Sundays with the people of Harijanwada in Toopran motivating the School drop outs to go back to Schools and educating the illiterate.

Computer Literacy for Un-Employed Youth:

The un-employed youth in the village of Toopran get an opportunity to develop Computing skills through this programme, where Abhyasa students along with an external faculty teach Computer basics and programming.

De-addiction and Family Counselling:

The Students of Gram Seva Management go house to house in Harijanwada, talking to people about the ill-effects of different addictions such as smoking, chewing tobacco etc. Some movies were also shown on Health and Hygiene. AIDS Awareness programmes are also being organized by students.

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme:

Under this scheme Abhyasa is planning to acquire some govt. land to take up Commercial Plantation to provide livelihood to a few families in the village of Toopran.

Narayana Seva:

Under Narayan Seva, we at Abhyasa distribute food to the needy in the village. This is performed on all the festive occasions where the Students go to the village and distribute food to all at Harijanwada.

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