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Abhyasa Residential Public School

Classes IX and X - ICSE

Developing their emotional intelligence:

The intellect comes into play when the student passes through adolescence. The individual travels from polarity to contrast, from analysis to synthesis and so on. Various concepts which were earlier 'analysed to understand' are now 'synthesized to draw conclusions'. At this stage, the student is challenged to work independently to cultivate skills of individual judgment through research, dissertations, projects, seminars and viva presentations. This is the culmination of all thinking processes. The teacher's metamorphosis from an 'authority with love' to an 'experienced friend'. They are involved in the students' learning process and intensely interested in everything that the teenager is curious about – such as problems of the times and life.

While concepts and logic constitute the thinking mind, feelings and emotions recorded in the child's subconscious, constitute the emotional intelligence (EI). EI is an expansion of the intellect and guides the thinking mind where to look next through language of feeling and mental images.

Most successful business and political leaders have often relied on EI to perceive solutions to problems which the logical mind failed to solve. Such perception, known as intuitive insight consolidates much later after the student leaves school. But seeds for the same are sown during childhood…and Abhyasa is fully geared to develop 'complete individuals' by fostering and integrating various types of intelligence.

Class Credits

S. No



1 English 1 04
2 English 2 03
3 II Language - Hindi / Telugu / French 04
4 Geography 03
5 History & Civics 03
6 Mathematics 09
7 Physics 03
8 Chemistry 03
9 Biology 04
10 Commercial Applications 05
11 SUPW / Environmental Awareness 01
12 Debate 01
13 Elocution      01
14 Group Discussion 01
15 Creative Writing   01
16 Quiz 01
17 Life Skills - Personality Development 01
18 Yoga 06
19 Sunday Specialisation 04
20 Games & Sports 06
  Total Credits 65


  • Due importance is given to the acquisition of 'logistic skills' and 'numerical abilities'. Hence special attention is given to the practice of Mathematics every day.
  • Credits for each subject also correspond with the number of learning hours per week.
  • SUPW: Socially Useful Productive Work.
  • For more details on teaching methodology, please refer to the " School profile " accompanying the brochure.
  • SA – Spiritual Awareness.
  • NIE – Newspaper in Education.

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