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Teaching and Learning Process at Abhyasa

Induction of Curriculum to teachers at the Beginning of the Academic Year
Preparation of Year Plans by Teachers – Review and Moderation by Academic Administrators
Preparation of Lesson Plans by Teachers – Moderation of the Same by the Academic Administrators
Classroom Teaching with the Help of Smart Class, Teaching Aids, Live Observations etc.
Application of Knowledge to New Situations by Students:
Conduction of Activities /Lab Experiments / projects / field trips
Revision of concepts through Worksheets, Assignments and Problem Solving Exercises
Student Evaluation through topic tests / cycle tests / VASU test / Semester Exams / Final Exams
Personalized Feedback to Students and Parents through School Intranet System.
Cumulative Grade Point Average
Grading of Students in all Aspects of the Curriculum including Sports, Arts, Personality, Behavior etc.
Promotion of Students on Basis of Grade Point Average
( Minimum Pass Percentage is 40% Across all Classes)

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