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Department of Sciences

Fundamental sciences are taught as three different subjects at abhyasa , Right from grade Vl. This gives an opportunity for the child to get a through understanding of every science subject at an early stage.


From the primary level to the middle school level ,students get hands on experience by taking ten model per year on different concepts / topics at inno lab – an exclusive lab for juniors – so that they have strong foundation in the physical concepts. Models are prepared from simple material which are easily available .to name a few – lung model, newton cart magnetic levitation, joint models, periscope model, periscope, pin hole camera, filtration, creeping lizard to know about friction. Pascal's law, newton' s third law etc. Are taught by making relevant simples models, under the guidens of the teachers. By making these models, students develop a scientific temperment. Research based learning is also inculcated in the higher classes by undertaking various projects that make students think creativity.

At the senior level – from classes lX -Xll a complete lab with all the required equipment for 30 students to perform practicals as per the board regulations is allocated. each child is allocated a set of equipments with an independent table. This develops confidence in the students to conduct expression individually and develop a sense of responsibility. Student make various working models like water level indicator appratus, hydraulic press. field trips to hydro electric power stations and manufacturing industries enable the children to consolidate their theoretical knowledge. The Space Club at abhyasa, for the middle school children, has gained momentum with as many as 100 children who have enrolled in the programme. The members of this club undergo a series of theory classes and practical session to identify various constellations, planners etc.

Department of Sciences


For this subject, at primary level itself experimental learning is made possible by making the children undertake activities based on states of matter , the inter conversion of matter and identification of various lab glass ware and the precaution that they must undertake while handling the same.

At the middle level the chemical processes that are observed in daily life are highlighted for eg: fermentation, growth of plant etc. research based projects are also done by the students at this level. To name a few – types of reaction, law of conservation of matter, kinetic theory of gases etc. A few chemistry models are also being prepared by the student like 3d model of the atom ( graphite, diamond, and few di - atomic and tri - atomic models). Electronic configuration and chemical bomding is also explained through the game of musical chairs.

At the senior level from classes lX – Xll – a well equipped lab that can accommodate over 30 students to conduct experiment is available. To name a few experiments identification of gases, ions, functional groups, salt analysis, and volumetric analysis are performed regularly. The time table is set in such a way that every class gets equal opportunity to perform practicals at least once a week. The multimedia material made available through “smart classes” in every class room is quite help full in making the children understand complex molecular structures like the long chain organic molecules, isomers etc. field trips to various chemical factories enable the students to see various manufacturing processes.


Abhyasa is best place to learn biology in natural environs with a green and clean campus spread over 27 acres. At the primary and middle level school level, children are taught to identify and classify different flora and fauna. Children are encouraged to prepare their own herbariums as apart of their projects. They are allocated a certain area to sow the seeds and observe the growth of various plants - right from sowing stage to the harvesting stage .children observe the life cycle of a butterfly and depict it diagrammatically.

Experiments like 'favorable conditions for germination' and 'types of germination ' are done by the students. Diagrammatic skills at this stage are developed by showing quality diagrams from the multimedia content.

At the high school and higher secondary level - children use microscopes to analyse various sample slides and also prepare their own sliders as per the norms of the council.

Department of Sciences

Through the preparation of slides students understand the composition of various cells and structures quite easily. Children prepare a hat for the brain model to understand different lobs of the brain. Another exiting model that the children prepare is the nervous system. Students develop the bacterial cuiture which is a very closely monitored process. They have observed various types of bacteria and idntified the useful and harmful effects of bacteria

with a ban on the use of various preserved samples by the department of wildlife conservation, children are shown various specimens through multimedia content. For their School Science Fest, children prepare like circulatory system, the excretory system etc.

Field Trips to various institutions like the national institution of nation and ICRISAT (international crops research institute for the semi-arid tropics)enable the children to observe the application of theory into practice. Children at the higher secondary prepare their own multimedia presentation to give seminars on various topics

Compueter Science

Abhyas 's mission is to provide the students with state of the art technology. Information technology is an essential tool in hands of every citizen. Students are taught various basic computer language and trained to handle various operating systems and programs such as visual basis, flash, ms office, q basic, ms logo, tux paint, html, (web designing), photoshop, etc. In tune with the times, a specious computer lab based on thin client technology with 32 terminals is available for to work independently and acquire the require the required hands – on – experience. The lab is also connected to the internet broadband gateway so that the students can learn the skills required to browse the internet.

Smart Classrooms

Abhyasa is the first school in the state of andhra pradesh to introduce smart classes in the year 2007. the main feature of smart class is that it allows teachers to bring animated multimedia presentation in to the classroom. All the smart class presentation are made through plasma screens , connected through the local area network system hooked to a knowledge center – which contain a library of more than one lakh lessons in the form of interactive multimedia and archived audio visual content from BBC,HISTORY and national geographic channels.

Bringing animation material into the class helps a child to grasp concepts with ease and the abstract concepts become concrete. A teacher can also alter the presentation of the material based on the level of the children. teacher can make their own modules ( presentation) and upload them in advance for their class sessions. The Smart Board also enables the teacher to save information written on the board during the teaching process.

Environmental Science

As per the vision and mission of the school and as a part of social responsibility, school children take out rallies in toopran and conduct workshops in near by schools related to the usage of paper bags rather than the polythene bags. Children develop vermi compost pits to prepare manure for various plants on campus. The campus on several water soak-pits as a part of rain water harvesting programme students have also adopted a 100 year old banyan tree on the campus and are making efforts to revive a dying river on the outskirts of toopran village. The school also observes earth day , world environment day at the school assembly.

Department of Sciences

A 'Nature Club' is maintained to generate and develop "GO GREEN" awareness in minds of the students. Various activities are conducted to develop the scientific skills.

An 'Eco Club' at abhyasa makes student and the staff enthusiastically prepare various items like lamps, piggy banks, flower vases, photo frames, ganeshas, candles, bangle hangers, wall hangers, and other show case items such as – birds, cups, paintings, as a part of the - 'Wealth from Waste' programme. These items are displayed and sold at a ECO mela conducted by ap regional ICSE and ISC schools association during 2nd week of november every year. As many as 30 – 40 schools participate from all over andhra pradesh. The objective to conduct this programme is to creative collctive consciousness among the young minds to conserve the environment so that future generations survive earth.

Inter School Language, Maths And Science Fests

An annual international language and maths & science fest is conducted at abhyasa at every year during the 1 st semester of the academic year. At least 20 schools across the twin cities are invited to this festival hosted by the school that offers a unique platform for students to exhibit their talents.

Students of ICSE and ISC schools from twin cities of hyderabad & secunderabad exhibit their literary and creative skills through various competitions such as character discovery, debates, quiz, jam (just a minute) photo caption contest etc. all the performances are judged by eminent luminaries from different fields of fine arts & languages along with experts from the fields of mathematics and sciences. All the students are given participatory certificates and winners are awarded with merit certificates prizes.

As a part of literry fest, student experience tradition culture, literature and fashion – all platform with in a span of 8 hours. Various competitions like script writing, dance, fashion parade, spell bee, literary quiz, mono acting, picture composition, essay writing are conducted as part of the language fest. All the students from different schools participate in the event which offers the students a unique experience of collective and experimental learning.

The science fest offers various activities like quiz, model presentation, character discovery, science behind situations, individual and group activities in maths, magic square dance which are taught provoking and develop the mental abilities and scientific temperature in students.

Annual Book Fair

With the arrival of e – books and internet browsing, reading habit has become a rarity among children. To inculcate campus every year to coincide with the parents, visit to the school. Various book suppliers are invited to organize their stalls on the premises. Books related to various subjects and literature are interesting read and several international award winning books are also placed in the stalls motivating good reading habits among studies.

Department of Sciences

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