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Department of Mathematics

Right from the primary level the concepts in mathematics are taught at abhyasa a multi -pronged approach .a part from the regular chalk board method , the abstract concepts of the subject are taught through various activities like geometrical designs through rangoli , bulding blocks as a learning aid , multiplication tables through oral rhymes etc.

For the middle school level topics like fractions and ratio proportion are taught through various activities like interacting with a tailor for the ratio in which various pieces are cut in stitching a pant or a shirt . A visit to the bank is arranged to help the children know the fundamentals of banking and the processes that take place in the bank to understand the concept of simple and compound interest rates and methods of saving . A visit to the local weekly fair in the village is organized to collect data on purchases and sales and data collected is presented through various graphs to enhance the analytical skills of students.

Department of Mathematics

During the inter school mathematics and science fest children prepare various projects and models – which include tangrams, puzzles etc.

At the high school and higher secondary level – the regular teaching of mathematics is supported by the rich content of digi material in smart classes

abhyasa has been an invitee for the prestigious bi-annual "International Young Mathematicians Convention" (iymc) held at luknow ( uttar pradesh ) every year and our students have competed with the best young mathematicians in asia and africa and won many medals for their unique models presented at the convention.

Special coaching for grade Xl and Xll students

with the uniform math syllabi across all boards in the country at grade Xl and Xll – students are now better equipped to prepare for the IIT – JEE through the ISC syllabus which is of a higher standard than other state board syllabi. Abhyasa conducts special classes every days and sundays to prepare students for the iit – jee. Subject experts from leading coaching institutes of hyderabad visit the school campus and clearing their doubts.

Hey Math Lab

A complete mathematics lab , the first of its kind in the twin cities has been set up at abhyasa for students of class l to Xll. the most important aspect of the lab is that a lot of manipulators are available for a various topics .at the primary level, abacus apparatus for learning the number system, fraction board to get the concept of fractions very easily, area calculation chart for irregular objects etc. Are used each child is given a sheet with a list of instructions to perform an activity.

Hey math lab also digital content for all the topics in mathematics right from standard 1 to Xll .a part from the thoery related content, the digital material has a lot of work sheets and activities which enable the students to consolidate their understanding of various concepts.

At the middle school level - algebra is one of the abstract topics that many students do not relish simply because it is not introduced in the right way. For a example child need not by – heart a formula like (a+b)=a2 + b2 +2 ab. In the math lab the child performs an activity and understands the formula as an "Area of square" with sides a & b. similarly, the child will understand (a+b)3 as a volume of a cube with sides a & b. there are many concepts which are made easy at the middle school level through manipulatives.

For lX and X levels more of digital content is being used to show students alternative methods of solving problems. Another important aspect of of math lab is that every single. Student is given a user id and password – so that they can open up heymath site and work out the assignments and online teste given by the subjects teacher. The teacher can prepare On - Line Tests and send them to individual student ID s . especially during vacations – the teachers can send assignments to each student of a class on an individual basis.

The department of mathematics at abhyasa works for the enhancement of numerical and analytical skills of student. Class room teaching is integrated with various activities in the math lab and the smart classes.

  • Digi – Content of all the topics across classes available on a note pc with activities.
  • LCD Projector to project the content on a screen
  • Manipulators along with instruction sheets.
  • Activity based display boards.
Department of Mathematics

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