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Department of Languages

Language is essential in every aspect of our daily life. It marks communication effective. Knowledge of language empowers one's character, confidence, presentation and creativity.

Abhyasa believes that the skill of communication is very important for every student. If one has to be an effective leader and a social reformer , he/she needs good communication skills. Language is taught with all care and concern to ensure that all students have the maximum benefits while communicating. Well trained faculty provides a sound platform for a strong understanding of the subject.

Listening, Speaking , Reading , and Writing are Given Priority.

Across all three languages offered at abhyasa. As the school believes in “ perfection through practice” experimental learning is given the utmost importance. Oral and aural sessions are conducted to test and develop the linguistic skill of the students at all levels.hand working skills are developed across the classes by making hand working practice a mandatory activity on regular basis.

Library session are used for research to be done by the students to pick up the vivid literature available in the library and develop their understanding and presentation skills. Audios / videos / films are available to listening and observation skills. Creative projects develop their expression through writing.

Department of Languages

The Activity Period – A feather in cap of the abhyasa curriculum , offers a platform for the students to participate in debates , elocution , extempore session ,spell bee.,mock presentation etc .and also offers students a great opportunity to unveil their skills of presentation and speaking and also develops their confidence. The activity of news paper reading daily in the in the school assembly adds value to the learning of the student. Once a week the hindi and telugu newspaper are also read by the students in the assembly to enhance their reading skills in these languages.

In addition to the same , outsourced faculty are hired by the school to develop the LSRW (listening, speaking ,reading , writing ,)skills in supplements regular classroom transcations and improves the effectiveness in the communication of english language.hindi and telugu are also taught after asseng the students fore knowledge in these indian languages.

Students are trained by the faculty and sent for various external inter – school competitions. The abhyasa inter school languages fest provide agreat opportunity for the abhyasa students to mingle with news peers from other schools and also participate in collective learning.

The Language Lab

Abhyasa language lab is one – of – its – kind with rich resources in terms of multi – media content. The lab has been divided into units viz. Audio visial room, multi – media based content. The lab has been divided into three units viz. Audio visual room, multi – media based unit (based on n-computing technology) with 18 terminals and recording room.

The Audio - Visiual Room is equipped with necessary equipement to enable the languages faculty to show multimedia content to the students. The linguaphone is the multi media based unit that has inetractive content wchich enables the student to develop their listening,speaking, reading, writing, skills. Children record their own voice and compare it with the standard accent.

The Recording Room - Mock recording sessions make the student confidence and provide an opportunity to record short stories, poems, skits and short plays etc. students improve on their quality of expression.

As albert einstein said, "Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and many, as a rule. Be expressed in a language comprehensive to everyone".

The department of languages works for the enhancement of linguistic skills across classes at abhyasa. A part from class room teaching, various activities are conducted from class 4 to class 12 to develop the languages skills of student.


  • A Proverb
  • Jam (Just a Minute)
  • Debates
  • Elocution
  • Seminars
  • Creative Writing
  • Quiz
  • Viva Voc
  • eDramatics
  • Live Observation
  • Presentation
  • Reading and Recitation Skills
  • News Paper in Education
  • Role Plays and Simulation Activities Development of Listening and Speaking Skills using the Language Lab.

School Cinema - Apart from the aforesaid activities , the audio visual material from school cinema is also used for developing the english linguistic skills of a student. School cinema – a project from edumedia , banagalore in which value based short films with a duration of 20 – 40 minutes are shown to students along with work books which would be completed by the student after watching the film under the supervision of the teacher.

Department of Languages

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