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Department of Humanities


For many people , geography only meas knowing where the places exists .at abhyasa the student is made to understand that geography is the study of places and their inter – relationship with the peoples , their life styles , the climate and environment. The student is made to understand that geography provides important clues for the past and future of an economy based on its natural resources and predicts how an economy could progress with its resources. A unique learning system is offered to the student to understand how the solar also influences the climate conditions on earth and how geography provides a conceptual link for children between home, school and the world beyond. Students study how people interact with the environment and with each other in any given place on earth and they classify the earth into region in order to draw generalizations about the complex and world that geography is one of the most important subjects for him / her in life as it is a rich material that relates to international understanding, multi cultural concerns and environmental education . Library sessions make the student go through new content other than their text books to make them stronger in the concepts.

Tools are provide to understand geography in a simpler manner. Models of wind socks, wind wanes, maxima minima thermometer, rain gauge meter, smart class presentation etc. Which are available on the campus enable the students to have an idea of the environment, climate, weather, world biomes and habitates across the globe. Faculty are even trained at different workshop to refresh / update their knowledge to make students brighter stronger.

Department of Humanities

Geography Laboratory

The unique concept of a geography is used to explain and provide an experience of the world biomes and various important places of earth. A 35 ' * 20' world political map with the support of two other maps of the world time zone and world bioms enable the student to mark and understand the concept of geography on a political basis. Models of various climate regions and animals are also used to test the knowledge of the student using the world map.

Field Visits

Student are taken on fields visit to test, understand and experience the concepts nlearnt nin the class room. visit ti agricultural farms, adventure campus, and himalayan treks make the student have an understand of the subject in a political manner. A students are exposed to a research oriented learning and the interactive sessions in the classes clear all their doubts

Projects / Activies

Different projects are given across all the classes which include preparation of political and geo – physical maps of the concepts . Students are involved in chart and model making on various topics and presenting the same to the class. The geography lab is used for practise of map – pointing exercises. Geo mapping quizzes conducted at the school. State and national level competitions offer the students a better exposure in the subject. Viva – voce is practiced across all the classes to enable the student to feel confident of his / her presentation skills. Projects are evaluted and marks are added for internal evaluation across classes lV to Vlll. For classes lX & X, the projects as prescribed by the ICSE council are given to students – based on research orientation and application of knowledge.


Just a geography enables a student to learn about the physical world, history enables a student to understand the human world. Abhyasa believes in making a student in making a student understand the historical information is a rich source that people could refer to enhance their understanding of human behavior. After experiencing the curriculum at abhyasa, the student will be able to comprehend that history is not just about dates and past events. But it is a phenomenon that is currently applicable to real life situations and every much valid shaping the future of the society.

History is taught through research oriented methodology and experimental learning. Senior classes lX and X learn the subject mostly through research methodology. They are taken to various historical places to study the monuments, habitat and culture of the place. They are asked to share their understanding of the same and analysis of their understanding is done through viva – voce and group discussions. Other activities like dramatization in class room also support students understanding. For example before introducing the concept of river valley civilization in ancient india, the students are actually taken to a virgin location and asked to decide how they would plan a new city in that area. Library sessions make the student go through new content other than their text books to enable them to a broader perspective of their history.

Department of Humanities

Field Visits

Field Visits lay a vital role, where – in students visit historical places and historical excavations and study them. Primary level, students visit different houses in the toopran village to collect data and construct a family – tree chart to understand the fundamental concepts of history. They also observes the changes in life style of people through observation of old photographs and study the impact of political, technological, economical and social changes which have influenced the society and culture. Students are also taken to archeological museums, historical places to have a glimpse of their rich past.


CurriculumStudents are introduced a democratic way of life through various activities such as a mock elections and a mock parliament. Students from political parties and campaign elections. Student manage and conduct the elections under the supervision of teachers. Once the result are declared, the student parliament meets in the school auditorium, to from a government. Student get a virtual exposure to the parliament system and procedures. A cabinate is formed and an opposition leader and a speeker are elected . Presentation and debates are carried on to get a bill passed in the parliament. A student later prepare a written project on the same and make presentation to the concerned teacher.

Student are sent for international seminars like HMUN conducted at international venues to experience the progress of nations across the globe. Student also have a chance to encounter students across the globe and get experience to face the global village.

Student are taken to the village panchayat and other institutions to understand the system of local governance. They also observe the public distribution system and interact with the officials of the government and get an understanding of how a public administration system works.

A Humanities Fest consists of time line of various events across the globe – prepared and displayed by the students at the end of every academic year . All students are motivated to participated in cultural diversity programmers which include donning attire from various culture , preparing different dishes from various region and performing cultural items picked from different countries of the world.

Commerce & Bussiness Studies

While pursuing a course in the field of commerce, the student acquires knowledge of various businesses or trade constitute the economic act of human civilization. The monetary & fiscal policies and industrial policies of various governments across the world the concept of commerce consists of a wide range of inter -disciplinary branches including accoutancy, business administrations, e – commerce, finance, economics and marketing. Since the indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies among the developing countries, the need for a talented professionals, who can contributes towards the growth of the economy, in increasing. To serve this purpose, abhyasa is imparting quality couid purpuse courses related to any specializations in the field of commerce / management.

Commertial Applications is offered by the CISE & IGCSE boards for grade lX & grade X. students are introduced to basic concepts of businesses and trained in skills required to become a successful businessman.

The usage of the Businesses Lab plays a vita role in the process of teaching and learning commerce and businesses related subjects. Point presentation, mock interviews, viva- voce, group discussions, and role plays influence and develop the student skills. Usage of flow charts, mind maps and group discussions, fish – bowl exercises, debates, seminars, group discussions, projects and activities diacussions of case studies by teachers and students and businesses quiz – enhancement the learning of the student.

Field Trips occupy a very important place in learning businesses studies abhyasa. Students are taken to various industries to have an experiential learning. Managers from various industries are invitde a one – to one sessions with the students in which students learn the practices of the coroporate world.

Sending students to workshops conducted at international venues like indian school of businesses(ISB) hyderabad make confident about their skill set and also enables them interact with peers and persons from various walks of life. Visiting multi – national companies and studying the various process of their businesses expands the students application of concepts to real life situations.

Career Counseling sessions by expert professionals provides clarity and direction for the students in choosing career goals . A bridge course is provided to the students who join the ISC stream ( Xl th grade) with out any primary understanding of the subject.

Commerce Activity

Commerce activity enhances the understanding, skills and application of businesses across the subject of commerce, businesses studies, accountancy and economics. A meeting with all the members of the department of commerce is held in advance to discuss the conduction of december. Activity every year in the month of december. Classes lX, X, Xl and XLL are involved in this activity wherein two companies are floated and the following activities are conducted as a part of the expermential learning of students:

  • promotion and incorporation of two limited companies
  • preparation of the following documents by students to float their company
  • Prospectus of their company
  • Share certificates / debenture certificates
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Master budget
  • Market survey and analysis
  • Vouchers & receipts
  • Journal and ledger books
  • Trading accountancy
  • Preparation of profit and loss account
  • Finalization of company balance sheet
  • Businesses analysis graphs & MIS
  • Department of Humanities
  • Commerce activity is an opportunity to learn businesses processes from the scratch with hands on experience.
  • Learning procedures of setting up of an organization
  • Preparation of prospectus , memorandum of association and articles of association
  • Preparation of budget for different functions and finally a master budget
  • Commencement of manufacturing or trading
  • Analysis of incomes Vs expenses
  • Maintenance of Accounts
  • execution of various management functions in a businesses such as human resource management, production management, marketing management, advertising, salesmanship, inventory management etc.
  • Public relations and crisis management
  • Profit management
  • Businesses ethics and values

Mock activities related to all the aforeside function of a businesses concern are conducted here in each of the classes .starting from preparing and presentation of a budget for a businesses to mock interviews and selection of employees right up to the process of market analysis of proposed businesses take place. naming brands and analysis of a product life cycle are also regularly conducted in this activity.

A mock Banking Activity is conducted at the businesses lab where in students participated in the process of running a bank . Student are offered various positions in the bank right from a teller to the manager of the bank .they are tested in the interview sessions conducted in advance. Cheque books , pass books are operated in this bank .students maintain all the account of the account holders under the supervision of teachers . The school tuck shop also offers an opportunity for learning experience of commerce students.

A mock advertising agency is run in the businesses lab where all students are divided into groups to prepare various types of advertisements and present the same to the rest of the class .their creativity and commitment is tested and they are guided in making various models of advertisements.

Students are exposed to E-Commerce websites and understand the processes of E – Commerce. Student are given a chance to create their own blogs and update their blogs with purchase and sale of their products through these blogs.

A mock Stock Exchange is also created in the businesses lab giving an opportunity to the students to understand the process of buying and selling securities.

The Experience of internal and external auditing is also provided to the students by making them to participate in the audits conducted in school operations.

The formalities of the commerce activity – right from promotion , incorporation and winding up of the companies is also done in the businesses lab. Corporate Social Responsibility is also practiced by diverting the profits of the commerce activity to the rural service program undertaken by the abhyasa students.

Department of Humanities


Economics is the intellectual religion of the day. The subject is taught using live and real case studies so that the students the mental capacity to understand various problems of human monetary transactions with the sense of responsibility as everyone has to meet their unlimited wants with the limited resources. The stuudent is also made to acquire a sense of economic vision through the study of various cases using magazines and economic lab content. The student is made ti understand critical issues, like inflation, exchange rate, shares and securities, balance of payments, financing etc, and also about the theory of comparative cost advantages and its impact through various activities and field trips and one to one sessions with businesses managers.

With the group discussions and viva – voce sessions student is made to understand that economics is a vital subject which helps him / her to identify that the economic development of a country is linked to various stake holders of the economy namely the government, producers, consumers, bankers, speculators, statesman, labor, citizens and their participation leads to global integration of world markets.

The economic lab in the school supports quality learning of the student with its rich multimedia content .the students are also exposed to the live budget sessions presented in the parliament and discussions followed by the same . The study and analysis of various bullion markers on a daily basis through a personalized copy of the “ businesses line -” for students of classes XL – Xll and the various magaziners related to economics – which are available in the library – help students to present seminars in class room – that are evaluted as a part of internal assessment.


Accounting or accountancy is the universal language of businesses. The concept of accounting are introduced through a bridge course to students coming from various other streams / schools in to the commerce stream offered at ISC level ( classes Xl and Xll ) at abhyasa.

The student is made to understand that accountancy is a core subject to understand the transactions. In the businesses of life. He is taught to reconcile the complex situation of life through various concepts of accounting. When it comes to value based living, a student at abhyasa is taught the concepts of what is profitable and what is not – through the accounting process. Student are also educated about the importance of Goodwill in life along with morals and ethics.

Practical learning happens through the commerce activity where in the student are made to prepare accounts right from the journal to the finalization of accounts long with the various businesses analysis reports. The analysis of published accounts of various companies in the news papers is done in the classes to give a practical understanding of the accounting concepts. As the students are given a chance to participate in the internal and external audits of the school accounts, they learn the practical aspects of accounting.

CPT Classes are held for the those students who aspire to become charted accountants. telephone conferences with charted accounts, cost accounts and company secretaries boost the confidence of the students and given them clarity about various professional courses. Presentation / viva – voce sessions in the businesses lab and library sessions make the student go through new content other than their text books and make stronger in the accounting concepts.

Department of Humanities

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