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Abhyasa believes in secularism and religious harmony. Abhyasites have always celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, Ramzan and Christmas with equal enthusiasm and fervor. This year too Christmas was celebrated in a grand way in Abhyasa with the children waking-up early in the morning to the tune of special Christmas songs over the speakers in their dorms. The children were pleasant by surprise and enjoyed the festive mood created by the music. This was followed by a visit to a nearby church where they took the priests blessings.

Abhyasites were taken to the temple for Hindu festivals, to the mosque for Muslim festivals and to the Church for Christian festivals. The children enjoyed walking to the CSI Church in Toopran and participating in the religious worship there. This was followed by study hours for the exam to be conducted the next day. In the evening in the Amphi Theatre, the students & staff gathered to celebrate further. A hut was put-up depicting the nativity scene of Christmas. The primary children went around it playing and enjoying themselves with Christmas carols. Then there were a few children who dressed as Santa Claus and distributed chocolates. The tiny kids enjoyed the laughing and dancing Santa’s. The program concluded with a delicious dinner with special item Kulcha-Chole and then all went to sleep. The Christmas spirit was truly evident in the Abhyasa once again!

Children playing around Christmas tree
Santa comes down to greet the kids of Abhyasa
Children playing around Christmas tree
Santa comes down to greet the kids of Abhyasa…

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