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Christmas Celebrations in Abhyasa 2013

Christmas is celebrated every year in Abhyasa and this year too it was a well planned celebration. A week before greeting cards were being made by the arts students and decorations started a day before. The trees in front of Ashrama block were being decorated and lighting was done on those trees. The morning started with a surprise knock in all dormitories by Santa Claus himself. Santa distributed chocolates to all the students and the Teachers too were pleasantly surprised to see.

Santa at 5-30 AM. It was so much of fun to see Santa himself waking up the kids and showering chocolates on them.

Morning at 8-30 we started for the CSI Church in Toopran. It was a wonderful sight to see all the students singing Christmas Carols throughout the road. The entire school was there in the church to celebrate Christmas. Many students were wearing Santa-Claus caps. Reverend Nitin the Father of this Church had organized a short program for our students. He shared with us the importance of Christmas and why it is celebrated. Students sang carols in the church with the locals and then a short sermon was shared by Father. After that a Prayer was said and everyone repeated after Father Nitin. The whole atmosphere was so holy. It was an wonderful experience for everyone.

Evening programme started at 6 pm with Christmas Carols sung by Boys and Girls. Master Vihasit from Class IX shared the importance of Christmas Tree and why it is decorated. Master Digvijay and Miss Priya hosted the program. After that short videos were showed to the students which were about Christmas. Then it was fun time. Music was played and everyone danced to their hearts content and crackers were burst. Thus all in all it was spiritual celebrations and everyone’s participation made it a special day to remember.


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