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Childrens's Day Celebrations at the Garden of Happiness - The Abhyasa

The D-day dawned all bright and clear. All the hearts were pounding – that of the teachers and the taught, as it was a very special day for both. Yes, 14th November 2009, Children's Day which was celebrated by all the family members with fun and fervor. The staff of Abhyasa made the day very special for the students right from the minute they woke up to the sight of colourful balloons till they went to bed, musing about the programmes they watched.

A mock assembly was conducted by the teachers, which entertained the students. Teachers went on a march past, along with the drum beat. The school captain was well- received as the assembly in-charge, as two teachers escorted him to assembly. The sportive spirit of all teachers won the appreciation of all students when they participated in the Special fun- filled Assembly.

After the assembly, all the students gathered in their classrooms –not for the routine classes, but for the special films shown. They enjoyed them to the core. All teachers were busy in the kitchen preparing special dishes for their beloved kids. The food was yummy… not a single morsel left!

An awesome and fun-filled circus show, entertained the students in the school ground. It was 6 O' clock in the evening and all the students assembled in the Amphi theatre for the cultural programmes organized by the teachers. Just before the programme started, class XI & X students released their brand name and logo, "FRICTION", in great style.

The show comprised of songs, jokes, dances, skits and what not… the Amphi theatre roared with laughter on seeing the so- called Hitler's in the classrooms turning into comedians on stage!

Suddenly it was all darkness… and lo and behold! The sound of crackers filled the air and torches lit the invisible lettering, revealing the brand name "KHALBALI" of the class IX&XII team. The Principal, Deans and members of the Commerce department were invited to the dais to be a part of the unveiling. Creativity amongst students was at its best that night.

The starry night ended with a ramp walk by teachers.

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