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On each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. Abhyasa always believes in this concept and this time too, it was a bang from the teachers who performed excellently to entertain the kids on the 14th of November, the Children’s day.

Not disturbing the academic sessions, the programme was planned in the morning hours from 08.00 AM to 11.00 AM. Teachers conducted a mock yet an ideal assembly showcasing for the students. The cultural programme started with a classical dance by Mr.Sreenivas Rao followed by another classical dance by Mrs.Suvarna and Miss. Aravinda which thrilled the audience. Later Mr.Chandra Mohan, Vice-Princpal II has entertained the students with his magic show. All teachers have sung the rhyme, “Old Mcdonald’s had a firm” which entertained the students to a great extent. Under the supervision of Mr.Raveendran and Mr.Chinnappa, a comedy drama “REFUND” was screened which made the students learn a great point out of the drama which had a comic theme. Mr.Biswal, Mr.Zakaria and Mr.Sreenadha Sarma have sung songs which was a feast for the music lovers. The dance by Mr. and Mrs.Chinnappa created a great amount momentum among the students. The same was followed by a folk song lead by Mrs.Suvarna and team which was enjoyed very much by the students. The Punjaabi dance by Mr.Amith Balla and team created ripples among the students. The enacted folk song by the team of Matrons lead by Mrs.Triveni was quite entertaining and students have enjoyed the same to a great extent. This was followed by a Telugu Drama “Pelli Kaani Prasad” which enthralled the students with its comic note greatly. The Dandia dance performance by the team of teachers lead by Mrs.Seeta was well received by the students. This time to the surprise of the all students, different awards as per the merits of each section were given along with chocolates for each and every student of the class including the class of free education. The programme ended with a final message from our respected In-Charge Principal to all the staff and students followed by National Anthem.

Let us see some of the glimpses of the event...

Classical dance performances by the Teachers…
Group singing by the Teachers Drama by the Teachers
Team Admin performs The Dandiya
Group Dances by Teachers
In-charge Principal, Mrs.Murthy felicitates the students

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