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Spiritual Practices

Spiritual PracticesOne of the greatest gifts of India to the world is the wealth of Spiritual Knowledge! Many questions that Fundamental Sciences cannot answer have solutions within the realm of Spirituality, as Albert Einstein had claimed, “The End of Science is the beginning of Spirituality”.

Creating a Collective Consciousness

Spiritual PracticesWhatever competencies we may gain or however high we may soar in our lives, unless we know “Who we really are” and “Where we have come from” and “Where we are heading towards” – life would forever seem an unsolved Mystery. At Abhyasa, Value Education combined with Spiritual Discussions provide an insight into meta-physics and Para-Psychology, thereby nurturing a ‘fully aware individual’ – who knows that ‘We’ are all essentially ‘One’ and parts of the same ‘Whole’-just like the Waves in an Ocean.

Meditation Hall

The school has a Centrally located Meditation Hall to facilitate students to spend some quiet moments of solitude and introspection. Meditation not only helps students to develop Focus and Concentration, but the process of Introspection also helps them discover their Goals and imbue positive attitudes.

Spiritual Talks by the Director

Spiritual PracticesThe School director, who has been enriched by his live experiences with the Spiritual Master at Prashanti Nilayam, Occasionally shares his views on Spirituality with the students of Abhyasa. These talks in turn, have inspired the students to expand their horizon of thought and become more pragmatic and practical in their approach to life.

Vedic Recitation & Quran Reading

The ancient Indian Vedic Hymns were handed to us through mere recitation. The Chanting of the Vedic hymns energizes and electrifies the nervous system creating an impact on the person and his/her environment around. The positive impact also spreads good vibrations to all the individuals around. The Abhyasa students are taught to chant Vedic hymns which is a part of their daily evening prayer. Students of other faiths are also encouraged to recite hymns and verses from their holy scriptures. A mullah from the local mosque trains students from the Islamic faith to recite ‘The Holy Quran’ every evening.

Developing ‘Integrity’ among Students

Spiritual PracticesIntegrity is one of the 6 core values of Abhyasa, and the cornerstone of the other 5 values. A person with Integrity leads, and the cornerstone of the other 5 values. A person with Integrity a Fearless and a Content life! What better place can one find to sow the seeds of Integrity – than the Schooling System at Abhyasa? Students are trained to be Open, Communicative and Share without fear. The process of integrating Thoughts-Words-Actions is inculcated in the students!

Circles of Confidence

Instilling ‘Confidence’ in the Self is as important as the ‘Self’ itself! ‘Circles of Confidence’ sessions are organized for senior students, to air their dilemmas about daily life processes. These sessions are interactive in nature for the participating students and the Mentor shares his/her point of view (usually the positive other-side of the coin) to offer a Holistic view of Life!

Community Singing (Nagar Sankirtan)

Spiritual PracticesThis is an activity where-in the Abhyasa Students gather together, at day-break on all Indian Festivals and sing devotional songs in unison, even as they walk in a procession through the streets of Toopran Town. The morning air is filled with melodies, as the households of Toopran open their doors to welcome the students and wave camphor flames to the deity carried in the procession by the students. This activity not only unites the school community with its neighborhood, but also instills a sacred Festive atmosphere in the Town.

Parents and Grandparents Festival

Spiritual PracticesDuring one of the parents visits in the month of January, the Parents and Grandparents of all the students are invited to a special celebration where-in each student performs the ritual of washing his/her parents’ and grandparents’ feet and worship them in the traditional Indian style. Students offer vermillion, turmeric and flowers, wave candle flames and share sweet eats with their parents/Grandparents and seek blessings. Rituals are symbolic acts that fortify relationships in a significant way. Though some children feel shy to express love and respect to their elders, such activities make them overcome their inhibitions. The parents too are reminded of their responsibilities and their necessity to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, by such expressions of Love and respect.

Interactions with Personalities of the Month

Abhyasa invites Personalities from various walks of life every month to interact with students so that they are aware of the various professions prevailing in the society and widen their outlook to life. The interactions not only expose students to professions, but also makes them aware of various real life experiences of turning dreams into reality.

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