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Personality of the Month


  • Prof. S Bashiruddin – Eminent Professor of Mass Communications
  • Dr. T.V.P.Chary  - Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Vasudev Rangadass - Vice-President, i2 Technologies
  • Mr. Prabhakar Rao – Retd. Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh
  • Mrs. Vedavathi Prabhakar Rao – A Renowned playback singer
Personality of the Month


  • Smt.J.Geetha Reddy – President Andhra Pradesh Mahila Congress
  • Mr. Devineni Venakta Ramana – Education Minister, Govt. of A.P.
  • Mr. T. Vijay Kumar I.A.S. – The Commissioner & Director of School Education
  • Smt. Jamuna Ramana Rao -  Doyenne of Indian Cinema
Personality of the Month


  • Dr. Jayapraksh Narayan, I.A.S. – Convenor, Lok Satta, Hyderabad
  • Sri H.J. Dora – IPS, Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh
  • Dr. Rajashekar – Film Star
  • Mrs. Sandhya Rao – Eminent Professor in Mass Communication
  • Mr. Tribhuvan Sachdevaa – Industrialist from Indore
Personality of the Month


  • Justice P.L.N. Sharma- Judge High Court of Andhra Pradesh
  • Mr. Meduri Balakrishana – Management Consultant, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mr. Br.R. Laxmaiah – 90 year old Freedom Fighter
  • Mrs. Sunanda Nagananda – Head, Seshu Griha English School, Bangalore.
  • Mrs. & Ms. William Miller – Management Consultants on Creativity & Innovation, U.S.A.
  • Mr. Vamsee Juluri – Assistant Professor, Department of mass communications, University of Claifornia
  • Dr. Asma Fatima, Mrs. Jaya Sechu & MR. Nageshwar Rao – Behavioural Counsellors, Prashanthi Clinic.
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month


  • Dr. G. Prasad Rao – Leading Neuro – Psychiatrist from Hyderabad
  • Mr. Vasudev Member – Abhyasa
  • Ms. Marie Christine – Founder – Marica Schools, Hyderabad
  • Ms. Usha Reddy – Prinicipal, Meridian School, Hyderabad
  • Ms. Manju Gupta - Principal, Pallavi Model School, Hyderabad
  • Ms. Jayanti Prasad & Ms. Jaya George - Education Consultants, School netIndia.  
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. De La Fontaine – Retired Air Chief Marshal of India
  • Dr. B.V. Pattabhi Ram – Famous Hypnotist and  Board of Governing Body Members of Abhyasa
  • Mr. P.R. Ramesh – Charted accountant and partner- Deloitte Haskins & Sells
  • Mr. Mallikarjun – Handwriting Expert
  • Mr. Yandamoori Veerendranath – A Charted account, eminent writer & personality trainer
  • Mr. P. Kiran – Managing director – Gemini Televisions Private Limited
  • Dr. Deenadayal – Eminent ENT Surgeon.
  • Mr. Robin Bordoloi – Honorable Minister of Sports, Govt. of Assm.
  • Mr. Lohit Kumar – Television artiste, ventriloquist & mimicry artiste performs for the students.
  • Sri T. Hanuman Chowdary – Information Technology Advisor to Govt. of A.P.
  • Prof. V. Jayarama Reddy – Secretary, A.P. State Council of Higher Education.
  • Mr. Tejbir Singh Anand – Holiday Moods & Adventures India Ltd., New Delhi.
  • Mr. V. Sai Kiran – Noted Telugu and Tamil film star.
  • Dr. J.N. Reddy – Guinness record holder from the Madras Academy for Excellence.
  • Mrs. C. Rommel – Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Vientiane, Laos.
  • Mrs. Usha Raman – Career Consultant – A reputed columnist in ‘The Hindu’
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month


  • Sri Shiva Prasad – Whistle Wizard of Carnatic Music
  • Dr. Hari Prasda – Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospital visits the campus
  • Mrs. Rita Wilson – Deputy Secretary, Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi
  • Mrs. Poonam Sodhi –Head, Research & Consultancy wing, Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations,  New Delhi.
  • Mr. Raja – Renowned Tollywood Filmstar
  • Dr. Naidu – IFS. Chief Conservator of Forest, Government of Andhra Pradesh – Chairman of Godavari Development Board.
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month


  • Prof. Kumar Bhaskar – Dean, Dept. of Management Studies, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanti Nilayam.
  • Sri Chiranjivi – Scientist, Arlington Institute, Texas, USA.
  • Mahamahopadhyaya Acharya, Sri Nukala Chinna Satyanarayana Garu – Renowned Exponent in Carnatic Music
  • Mr. Kaladhar – A Famous Pantomime Artist visits the campus
  • Prof. A.S. Sastry – Management Consultant and Vice President, Managing Committee, Abhyasa.
  • Prof. Ramana Rao – Retd. Dean, Dept. Of Biological Sciences, Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • Miss Shravanthi – Artist, Stained Glass Painting
  • Ms. K. Krishna Kumari – Popular Writer & Columnist
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month


  • Mass Communication students from University of San Francisco, U.S.A. – Headed by Prof. Vamsi Juluri, University of San Francisco, U.S.A.
  • Dr. Ranjana Segal - Prof. of Chemistry, University of Texas, Arlington, USA
  • Sri Tripuraneni Subba Rao - Managing Director, I.P. Touch Limited
  • Mr. M.S.K. Prasad – Former Wicket Keeper of Indian Cricket Team
  • Ar. Abhinav Kumar Upadhyaya- Music Director – Event Manager and renowned Tablist
  • Mr. Syed Sultan – S.S. Edutainment Ltd., Bangalore
  • Mr. Ch. Suman – Managing Director, Eenadu Television
  • Mr. Tarakaratna – Renowned Tollywood Actor
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. N.Venu Madhav – Famous Mimicry Artist
  • Sri Harish Gupta, IPS – Deputy Director of A.P. Police Academy
  • Mr. Raghu Kumar – Chief Postal Officer, G.P.O., Hyderabad.
  • Yogacharya Sri Kovvuri Balaiah – Eminent Yoga Trainer
  • Ms. Chitra – Management Trainer, Cll Quality  Institute, Banagalor.
  • Dr. K.S. Ratnakar – Pathologist, Director – Global Hospital Private Limited, Hyderabad
  • Mr. Venkatesham, I.A.S. – District Collector & Magistrate – Medak  District
Personality of the Month
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. Taja – Renowned Tollywood Director
  • Mrs. Geetha Reddy – A.P. State Minister for Major Industries
  • Mr. K.R. Suresh Reddy – Honorable Speaker of A.P. State Legislative Assembly
  • Swami Agnivesh – Eminent political activist and Aryasamaj Leader
Personality of the Month


  • Dr. Jose Aikara – Chairman, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
  • Mr. S. Anwar, IAS – Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal
  • Mani Kanker – Renowned Film Director
  • Prof. Rajiv Sanghal – Director, Indian Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi.
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar – Regional Representative of C.I.E (University of Cambridge International Examinations)
  • Dr. Rama Linga Sastry – Principal, Siddhendra Kalakshetram, Kuchipudi
  • Prof. P.R.K. Murthy – Reader Ph D from IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Prof. D. Narasimha Reddy – Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
  • Dr. M . Murali Mohan – Film Star and President- MAA (Movie Artists Association)
Personality of the Month


  • Dr. Chukka Ramaiah – Renowned Mathematician and IIT guru
  • Mr. Nadendla Manohar – Speaker, Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly
  • Mr. Anuj Guruwara – Renowned Playback Singer
  • Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS – Executive Secretary of Tourism Department Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. Kodi Rama Krishna – Renowned Tollywood Director
  • Mr. Sathyajith – Close Associate and personal aide of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
  • A Team of Singapore Teachers – The Singapore International School, Singapore
Personality of the Month


  • Mr. Suhiem Shiekh – Event Director Monsoon Regatta, The Yacht Club of Hyderabad
  • Dr. Raghuram – Oncologist, Director of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Mr. Jonnavithula Ramalinga Rao – Eminent Telugu poet.
  • Dr. Ramalakshmi – IFS, Deputy Conservator of Forests – Government of Andhra Pradesh
Personality of the Month

Dress Code

The following is the ‘List of School Uniforms’ to be Procured:

Girls Uniform

S. No.



1 Waistcoats 3
2 School Uniforms 3
3 Evening Dress Including Dupatta 3
4 Games T-Shirts 3
5 Track Pants 3

Boys Uniform

S. No.



1 Blazer 1
2 School Uniform 3
3 Evening Dress 3
4 Games Dress 3
5 Tie 1

List of Articles to be brought by students from Home:




Civil Dresses (Girls):

01. Civil Dresses (Jeans – 2 Pairs, Formal Pants – 2 Pairs) 4 sets (a) 2 sets of Ghagra choli or Silk lehenga
with blouse to be worn on festival days
(for all classes).

(b) For Classes IV and above: 3 sets of
Chudidar / Salwar Kameez. (Jeans & T-Shirts Strictly not allowed)

Note: Sarees for senior girls may be brought to wear on occasions, with matching costume jewellery. Health & Hygiene
02. T-Shirts – 2, Formal Shirts – 2 4
03. Night Dress 3 sets
04. Undergarments 06
05. Swimming Costume 01
06. Turkish Bath Towel 01
07. Cotton Towel 01
08. Handkerchiefs 06
09. Sleeveless Sweater-Navy Blue Color 01
10. Full Hands Sweater-Plain Off White 01
11. Track Suit (for Trekking) 01
12. Rain Coat with Cap 01
13. Cap for Outings 01
  Note: One set of ethnic wear may be brought to be worn on special occasions.  

List of Articles to be brought by the Students from Home:

S. No.



14. Thick handloom Covering sheet (non-winter season) 1
15. Woolen blanket (winter season) 1
16. Laced Black Shoes with an Ovel Face (Boys) 1 Pair
17. White Canvas Shoes (for Games and Adventure) 1 Pair
18. Rubber Slippers (for Bathroom Use) 1 Pair
19. Leather Slippers Or Sandals (for evening use) 1 Pair
20. Black Socks (with School Uniform) 3 Pairs
21. White Socks (with games uniform) 3 Pair
22. White Shoe Lace (Spare) 1 Pair
23. Black Shoe Lace (Spare) 1 Pair


24. Tooth Brush 1
25. Soap Box 1
26. Comb 1
27. Tongue Cleaner 1
28. One Plain Nail Cutter without extra accessories 1

Academic Accessories

29. School Bag 1
30. Pencil Box 1
31. Mathematical Instruments Box (For Class IV & above) 1
32. Pen for Students Studying In Class V & Above 1
33. Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary (Class VII & above) 1
34. Collins Thesaurus (Class VI and above) 1
35. The World Atlas 1
36. Examination Pad 1
37. White Lab Apron for Class XI & XII Science Students 1
38. Calculator for all Class XI & XII students (Casio fx 82 MS (Scientific Calculator) 1


39. Small Lock with Spare Keys for Dormitory Cupboard 1
40. Foldable and Washable Yoga Mat 1
41. A Torch Light for emergencies 1
42. Water Bottle for Picnics 1

Important Note

  • Student Admission numbers should be stitched with a Red Color Thread on all clothing.
  • Those children with Bed-Wetting habit will carry Rubber sheet (6 ft x 3 ft.) and thin civil Bed Sheet.
  • Clothes are machine washed: so they should be durable with fast colors.

For Girls :

Rubber Bands – 2 Pairs
Stickers (Bindi) – 2 Packs
Buckled black shoes with an oval face


Only flat footwear to be brought.
High Heeled footwear strictly not allowed.

Preferable accessories

  1. One leather folder (file) with an all round zip and a filing spring. The file should also be able to hold all the following items.
  2. One long note book (for brain storming)
  3. 50 sheets of white papers.
  4. One box of crayons, one set of colour pencils and sketch pens.
  5. One scissor, one scale and a glue stick.
  6. Basic stationery like pen, pencil, eraser and sharpener.

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