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Hemanth Utsav

Health & HygieneHemanth Utsav is a gala annual event of Abhyasa showcasing the achievements and the talents of all the Abhyasa students – held in the “Hemanth (January)” season of the Indian Almanac. A cultural programme based on a selected theme – combining dance, drama and music is produced indigenously and presented by all the 450 students of Abhyasa. The theme is chosen to reflect contemporary issues that occupy the collective public mind. For example: In 2010, the theme was “Right to Education”, while in 2011 the theme of corruption and the civil society movement of Anna Hazare was highlighted. 2013 celebrated the 100 years of Indian Cinema. All the production processes right from Scripting, Diction Practice, Recording, Background Music, Choreography, Scene Blocking, Backdrop Sets and Properties, Costumes, Lighting and complete Stage Management is undertaken indigenously by the staff and students of Abhyasa – without borrowing ideas or duplicating content from television and cinema. The Hemanth Utsav - in short – is the most significant event in the campus life at Abhyasa that hones-in innovative talents of students towards the goal of Creativity.

Health & HygieneA unique feature of this ‘Utsav’ is that all the students get an opportunity to participate with the matto “No Child is left behind”. Even the students appearing for the board exams (class X and XII) participate backstage as ‘Set and Prop Boys’ and front stage in Reception and Hospitality. Every student gets an opportunity to perform on stage so that he/she gains exposed to studio recording the practice sessions and the complete programme is pre-recorded and the students are trained to sync their lip movement and actions to the audio version of the programme in perfect harmony and precision.

Health & HygieneHemanth Utsav is also a plarform to identify the academic achievers at the board examinations and their hard work and achievement is recognized and rewarded with medals, Cash Prizes and Certificates. Eminent and renowned personalities are invited as Chief Guests and Guests of Honor to conduct the honors and witness the cultural bonanza. The events is conducted in the city of Hyderabad and graced by the student’s parents from all over India and abroad, prospective parents, the school alumni and the Who’s who of town – making it one of the important landmark annual events of Hyderabad.

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