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Mess & Dining


Mess & DiningAbhyasa provides well-balanced and nutritious vegetarian food for the students under the guidance of a dietician. Daily diet consists of wheat & ragi porridge, Milk (four times a day), protein cereals, seed sprouts, fresh greens, vegetable salads & fruits apart from a variety of rice, chapathi, snack and sweet items which cater to various regional tastes. Egg and Banana are served every day during the 11 AM break. Teachers dine along with the students and personally look into each student’s diet habits. Teachers and students serve food by rotation so as to create a family environment on the school campus.

Students’ Mess Committee

Mess & DiningThe Committee prepares the weekly menu and ensures that children get ‘what they like’. They also strictly monitor and control wastage of food. Teachers and older students serve food by rotation, dine together with the younger children and even feed the younger children whenever necessary-thereby creating the ambience of a single ‘close knit family’. Teachers & Masters who dine along with the students personally look into each student’s diet habits. Students of the Mess committee monitor the quality of milk, vegetables and groceries supplied to the school mess every day. Lacto meters are used to detect adulteration of milk and all the food items are tasted by a panel of teachers and students before it is served to the rest of the school.

Mess & Dining




Breakfast (7 AM)
Sprouts and Milk with any Two of the following items:
Snacks (5 PM)
Milk with any One of the following items:
Idly with chutney & Sambar Savouries such as Mixture, Muruku etc.
Vada or Mysore Bajji with Sambar Boiled Chole or Ground Nuts
Bread with Jam & Chutney Maggie Noodles or American Chopsuey
Fried or Boiled Egg Bhelpuri with Chutney or Puffed Rice Mixture
Vermicelli Upma or Pulihora Poha Upma
Chapathi with curry Palak or Onion Pakoda
Bansi Rawa or Bombay Rawa Upma Bun with Chutney
Pav Bhaji or South Indian Rice Pongal Sabudana Vada & Curd
Sabudana Khichdi or Green Gram Dal – Rice Khichdi Masala Wada or Alu Bonda or Mirchi Bajji
Pesarattu or Uttappam or Dosa with Sambar & Chutney Panipuri
Vegetable & Egg Noodles Vegetable Burgers or Vegetable Puffs
Puri with Curry or Chole – Batura Alu Samosa or Kachori
Macaroni pasta or Com Flakes with Milk Pav Baji or Vegetable Cutlet

Lunch (1 PM – 2PM)

Dinner (8 PM – 9 PM)

Vegetable Salad Rasam or Soup
Fried Rice with Masala Curry Vegetable Curry
Vegetable Curry Freshly Ground Chutney
Dal or Sambhar Tur Dal
Plain Rice and Chapathi Plain Rice & Chapathi
Curd or Butter Milk Curd Rice
Papad or Fryums Dessert, Fruits (alternative days)
Mess & Dining

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