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Code of ConductAbhyasa is not just a school , but a way of life.... instrumental in preparing the children to be agents of change for social transformation. Any parent desirous of admitting his/her child to abhyasa should constantly bear in mind that the school implements a programed agenda for her students and will not at any point of time in the academic year – entertain any individual whims and demands of parents waiting to take their child home their personal reasons or entertain parents trying to call the shots by interfering what his/her child should be or should not be doing on the campus . Parents need to sign an undertaking to this effect in the school registration form before the grant of admission and once the child is admitted to abhyasa, the decision of the school authorities is final and binding by all matters concerning school curriculum and student punctuality and discipline on campus.

For Students:

1. The school management takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the pupils on the campus. At the same time, the school authorities are not responsible for any untoward incident caused due to the negligence of the child factors beyond any body's control.

2. the school discourages inappropriate interaction between girls and boys on the campus, outside the classroom. The interaction is limited strictly to curriculum transactions in class room and official school programmes and activities such as student club activities etc.The school has a system of constant vigil over the student from as early as 5.30 am to 10.30 pm, till all the students go back to their dormitories.

3. no money should be given to the child by the parents at any time during his/her stay in the hostel. The school is not accountable for any actions of the student due to the possessions of such monies. Any money if absolutely necessary for the students, should be paid at the school office as extra pocket money and valid receipt should be obtained for the same from the school accountant. Such monies will be debited to the students pocket money account.

4. expensive items such as cameras, video games, tape records, cd players, view pods, mobile are not given to the child as personal belongings. This include costly watches and gold ornaments. Mobile phones, visual i-pods, i-pad are strictly prohibited. The senior students of class X1 & X11 are permitted to possess personal lap -tops / palm – tops / note – pads etc. The school charges extra electricity cost to enable students recharge such electronic gadgets and under the supervision of school staff. The school is not accountable to the parents for any misuse of these gadgets my the students in the hostel and are not responsible for the safety or loss of any such electronic goods. It is advisable to students do not possess them, as they are distractions in all respects.

5. when it is absolutely necessary to carry a cell phone, as student travel alone to or from their native places, it is mandatory that students deposit their cell phone s with the school office for safe – custody, as soon as they reach the campus. The school issues as an acknowledgments and returns the phone when the student has to travel back home. If any cell phone or visual – pods are found in the possession of students without prior written permission from the school authorities, the school reserves the right to the right to forfeit the article and the same will not be returned to the child or the parents.

6. no eatables should be given to the students to be kept in the dormitory cupboard. If the house matrons find any eatables with the students, other than those sold in the tuck shop, she would confiscate the same and distribute them to all the students. During parent visits, no leftover food/fruits should be sneaked in to the dormitories by the students.

7. If any school property is destroyed by a student, willfully or accidentally, the cost there o0f will be deducted form the students caution deposit amount.

8. The principal of the school reserves the absolute right to terminate the admission / continuation of student on the school campus, if his / her behavior of found to be detrimental to the physical, emotional or harmonious well – being of other students on the campus.

9. Even while the school maintain a strict vigil over all the students, abhyasa does not maintain a prison – like security on the campus. In spite of attendance in every period and an identification parade at the end of the day, the school does not take accountability for students who willfully run away from the campus. Parents should inform the school authorities about any previous history, in case of a problem child and as ensure that money should be in possession of the child.

School Uniform

1. All the newly admit students need to produce their school uniform only from the 'Uniform Supplier' authorized by the school. The details of the authorized uniform supply will be furnished to the parents, on the day of the admission test. The school will not accept any direct payment for the school uniform. All the payments towards the school uniform should be made directly to the uniform supplier either by demand draft or crash.

2. The orders from the parents of newly admit students will be taken only often the first installment of the school. Fee is made and the new student admission number & receipt is made furnished to the uniform supplier. After taking the orders, the supplier will provide the uniforms only on first day of academic year, when the school reopen after the vacation. Parent ensure that the uniform supplied are of the right size of the pupil.

3. After parents are satisfied with the correctness of the size and the no of uniforms provided by the supplier, matron in- charge of the student. Parent should ensure that the school admission number of the student is stitched on each every garments supplied.

4. The uniform supplier will be available on the school , campus on all days of the 'New Students' Entrance test held during the months of February, April and June and also days of the school's last working day of the academic year, (when student go home for vacation) and on the responding day as well. In the subsequent years, after the year of admission – parents could continue to order uniforms with the school 's supplier.

5. As the children spend their prime growing years at school, it is obvious their uniforms become redundant after a year. Present should ensure that a new set of uniforms should be ordered every year, as the clothes do wear out fast since they are worm almost through out the year.

For Parents:

1. After a new is admitted in to a school abhyasa authorities will issue a student photo identify card / student admission card to the parent / guardian of the student – on the day of joying of the school. Parents should carry the identify card / admission card while visiting the school and produce the same at the security, as a proof of identify.

2. Any person, other than the parents, desirous of meeting a student on the school campus should also produce the identify card / admission. Card or an authorization letter from the parents to the school authorities, to meet the child. The school also maintain the a list of visitors – authorized the parent to visit their child non the school campus.

NOTE : Persons who are not carrying a valid authorization either from the school or from the parents , will not be allowed to meet the child on the school campus.

3. Parents may visit their child /ward only on the notified Sundays (once a month) during the academic year. The date for visits would be specified in the calender of events – a copy of which will be furnished to all parents on the opening day of each academic year. Visiting hours are restricted between 1 pm and 5 pm on the specified Sundays. Parents / guardians visiting on any day other than those prescribed in the calender, will not be entertained except with prior permission from the school. Parents who would like to visits students on their child's birthday should visit the campus only after obtaining prior permission from the school register / dean of administration.

4. Parents and visitors should adhere to the dress code of abhyasa, while visiting the campus. Women and girls: either sarees or salwaar suits. Men should avoid informal wear such as shorts or sports uniform. Persons not adhering to the dress code will not be permitted on the campus.

5. Parents during their visits to the school have to adhere to the security rules and regulations. All visitors should sign in the security register and carry a visitors slip which. Should be presented at the security gate at the time of leaving the campus.

NOTE :Visitors will not allowed to leave the campus unless the visitors slip ( signed by the register / dean of administration ) is presented at the security.

6. Parents visiting the school on any working day, with prior permission, should first contact the school office immediately upon reaching the campus, without fail. Parents / visitors found loitering on the campus without permission and without a visitor's batch – would be asked to leave the campus immoderately.

7. Parents who wish to have lunch at the school dining hall may inform the front office in charge and collect the meal coupon after paying the necessary charges. Prior information about the same will be appreciated. Please note that personal or cab drives will not be permitted to dine in the school dining hall.

8. The abhyasa management maintain a serene atmosphere and encourages refined behavior on the school campus and expects the same from parents & visitors. Any behavior of parent or accomplices which sets a bad example for the students on the campus shall be viewed seriously by the school management and that may be even lead to the termination of admission pf the student. Smoking and consuming of liquor / alcohol on the school campus is strictly prohibited and would lead to serve repercussions. Persons in an inebriated or intoxicated conditions will be evicted from the campus.

9. During visits, parents are required to park their vehicles in the allocated parking area only (play field or out side the campus if any programmes is being hosted in the play field) and are not permitted to drive their vehicles beyond the parking area in to the campus. Trespassing into the mango orchard is strictly prohibited. Flowers or fruits from the garden / orchard should not be plucked.

10. Venue during parent visit: Parent can be seated in the blue shed near the dining hall or under the mango trees in front of the school laundry or either side of the tamarind tree near the swimming pool or in the amphitheatre or the play field or near the parking area. No one is permission to enter the area beyond the compound wall. No body should be seated in the corridors of any buildings. Parents are not allowed in to any part of the campus as a matter of right and are not even allowed to their student dormitories.

12. Parents should also note that the school is no way concerned with the personal issues between the parents. The single parent./ Guardian of the child should note that the administration is granted only after obtaining the consent of both the parents and the school is in no way responsible for any personal issues which arise thereafter. Disciplinary issues between students would also be sorted out by the school authorities and parents bringing any issue that notice of the principal / dean of administration. Parent should not use the school premises to settle their personal scores and openly discuss personal issues.

13. The application for admission to abhyasa elicits all types of information about the student – which is provided by the student parents / guardians under oath. Any deliberate attempt to withhold information or furnishing of false information by the parents is a serious offense under law. Strict action may be initiated under the such circumstances, including the termination of admission of the child. Single parent should furnish legal documents regarding guardianship of child and visiting rights granted by courts. Any change, however temporary, in address and telephone number of the parents / guardian of child should be immediately notified to the school authorities / in writing, by -the parents – and acknowledgment should be obtained from the school official to whom information is furnished. (executive secretary to the principal or the registrar ) failure to obtain acknowledgment from school amounts to not sharing the information with the school.

14. Parents are here by advised to avoid procuring food from the local vendors, hotels and dhabas, in the best interests of the child. Please ensure that you don’t leave the left over food or fruits to be kept with them for later consumption in the dormitories, as it is not permitted. In case the matrons find eatables with students in the dormitory, the same will be confiscated and distributed the other students.

15. Parents are expected to bring food only for their children and not for other students without the permission of their parents. Only the food stuff that can be consumed during the parents, brief stay on campus should be brought. Any excess food and also the wrapping material and food containers should be taken back by the parent and should not be left behind on campus.

16. Students and parents are responsible for the cleanliness of the area where they are seated and the area should not be littered. Trash bins must be used effectively or else they will be made to clean the area occupied by them. The school is a “No Plastic Zone“ and the use of polythene and other plastic material is strictly prohibited on the campus.

17. Parents are advised not to send their drivers to procure anything locally from toopran and any vehicle going out and coming back during the period of parent visit, will be checked by the school. Security personal. Parents are not allowed to take their child out of the campus during their visits to the school.

18. Parents and visitors should leave as soon as the announcement is made for their departures or else repeated announcement will be made for parents to leave the campus and name of such parent will be noted. parent should not overstay on the pretext of making last minute enquirers at the office or with the school officials. All enquirers should be made at least an hour before the closing time of the visit of the i.e 5pm.

19. All the parents are required to attend every 'parent-teacher interaction' held twice a year on the campus. It is mandatory for the parents to attend open house is sessions conducted on the days of parent-teacher interaction and all other school functions, in the best interactions, the parent required to ask teachers only questions related to the academic performance of the child. Teachers are not responsible for administration related issues. For any administrative related quires parents are to approach the principal/registrar only.

20. Definition of NRI student: if any one of the parents of the child is working outside India at the time of admitting the into abhyasa, the child is deemed to be an NRI student. There is a different fee structure for such student and the parent has to pay the rupee equivalent of the US dollar fee mentioned in the fee structure of the school – which is enclosed in the pouch of the back inner cover of the abhyasa handbook. Even if the period of work abroad is temporary as 2 to 3 months also, the student is deemed to be an NRI student. Subsequently, if one of the parents of the child begins to work abroad, after their child is admitted to abhyasa – the parent need to pay the NRI fee structure to the school in the subsequent payments. Failure to do so or deliberate withholding of information (about parent employment status ) could also lead to the termination of the child's admission by the school.

21. Birthday celebration of students on the campus by their parents:

  • The celebration will be permitted only during breaks in schedule – preferably during the evening snack break.
  • Parents interested in celebrating the birthday of their child can do so, in the blue shed area only and at no other place on the campus. No other student of the abhyasa, except the own brother or sister of the birthday boy / girl will be allowed to participate in such celebrations. Any student desirous of giving a party to their friends should take prior permission from the school authorities.
  • Parent should record the items to be distributed, in the rigister maintained at the front office of the school.
  • The school will not provide any cutlery/crockery i.e plates, spoons, knife, matchbox, etc.
  • The student /parent must ensure that the place is left clean after the party and no worker from the school is to be engaged for cleaning purposes.

22. Buring the school programmes:

  • Parent should not interface with the internal affairs, of the school curriculum, regarding any events programmes and competitions or even discourage students from the holding any post in the students management council.
  • Parents are not allowed to leave the campus till the programme is over.
  • In case the parents have any genuine problem and want to leave early, the security slip should be countersigned by either the principal / vice principal.

23. All parental correspondence to the school authorities shall be in English only.

24. The school management reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the rules and regulations and formulate. New rules from time to time, which will be duly notified to all the parents / candidates.

Leaves and exeats of student:

a. Student are permitted to go with / to their parents or local guardians, strictly as per the dates notified in the calender of events. In case of absolute necessity of the child at home, parent may seek prior permission for a day or two. However, such visits should not exceed four days during the hole academic year.

b. The principal / the dean of administration are the only authorities to grant an exact and their decision to grant or deny the exeat is final and binding on the parents and students. All requisitions should be e- mailed to the school at or the executive secretary to the principal processes all the requests with the dean of student administration and any quires about the status should be made with the executive secretary.

c. The school reserves the right to deny permission for an exeat to a student during important occasions in the academic sessions, such as a school programmes, examinations etc. In case a weddings, a student will be permitted only if his/her real brother or sister is getting married. The school could also deny an exeat to a student, whenever there is exodus of requests to the school, during a festive or a wedding season. Parents are required to plan their family vacations in accordance with the school vacations enlisted in the school calender of events.

d. In case a student takes an exeat on emergency medical grounds during the academic session, parents will have to submit medical reports to that effect, on the student's return to the campus. A plain certificate on a doctor's letter head will not be treated as a report and parents need to either produce evidence of hospitalisation or pathological medical reports.

e. Parents / guardians talking their child on exeat, should sign in the prescribed 'Exeat Book' at the school office and collect an exeat slip that needs to be submitted to the school security at the exit gate, before the taking the child out of the campus. The school security will not be permit any student to leave the campus without the exeat slip issued by the office.

f. Parents who cannot come personally to pick up the child for a vacation or exeat are required to send an authorization letter 'Along with the person or persons a who would be picking up the child from the campus. In case the child is required to travel alone by bus or other means of Public Transport, the parents' mist furnish a written consent to that effect - to the school authorities. In such cases, the school could make arrangements with its regular cab- operators for the student's drop or pick-up from the airport or the railway station, but will not accountable once the students signs in the exeat form and leaves the school campus. However parents may provide a cell phone to the school, so that the student could carry the same with him/her during journeys and the school would also furnish numbers of the cab- driver for the parent to monitor.

g. All students should return to the school campus on the date and time, that are mentioned on the exeat slip. A student/ Parent should report straight to the school front office and sign in the 'Exeat Book' on returning to the campus after a leave or vacations and should not go directly to their dormitory or classroom. If a student arrives before office hours i.e. 8AM he /she should wait at the security till the office is open. A student should not arrive on the campus after 8PM and parents should ensure that travel arrangements are made accordingly.

Exeats on Emergency

1. In case a student has to go home on account of any emergency, such as a death in the family, a few hours prior information to the school authorities from the parent/ guardian is mandatory. However, parents should not disturb any of the school authorities between 11pm and 6am, whatever may be the nature of emergency. A fax message from the parent is mandatory if the student has to travel alone.

2.The school will not send the child if the authorization letter sent by the parent is not complete in any respect. The signature of the parent sending the authorization letter will be verified with the specimen signature of the parent in the Admission Form - by the secretary to the Principal/Registrar and the same will be acknowledged with the words 'verified and found matching /not matching,' as the case may be. If the signature of the parent does not match, then the parent will be contacted over phone and requisite consent will betakes via fax or SMS and then the child will be sent on an exeat.

School Responding After Vacations:

1. Parents should ensure that their child / ward reports to school on the date and at the mandatory time of reopening after vacations. In case of vacation extension prior permission from the principal is mandatory. A Vacation period cannot be extended just by sending a FAX message or a phone call to the school. The reasons should be supported by evidence and also approval by the School Principal. In case of Medical emergencies, genuine supporting documents such as Medical Reports, Prescriptions and medicines to be handed over to the nursing assistant at "Arogya" - the school infirmary.

2. In case the student does not report on time without a valid permission from the school, they would be suspended from classes for the number of days arrived late and they would be denied phone calls for the one month thereafter.

Telephone Calls:

Each student is allotted two telephone numbers (one landline and one mobile) at a specified time between 8-30PM and 1 0- OOPM on Week days for a duration of 15 minutes. Parents should call one the two numbers (the other number is a standby in case of bad lines) on the dot at the specified time. The Dormitory Matrons regulate the in-coming and out-going calls to the students. The following are a few rules & regulations for the phone calls which the parents are required to comply with :

  • In order to avoid students maintaining unwanted friendship with outsiders, only calls from the child's parents /guardians would be forwarded to students. The telephone operator would ask for the caller's identity and unless parents/guardians are personally on the line; the student would not be given the line. Even the calls from brother/sister/cousins etc will not be entertained unless they are with the parents.
  • Schedule of telephone calls for the students of various classes — during the weekdays —will be specified to the parents at the time of admission. Parents should adhere to the timings specified and must adhere to the average duration of 15minutes each - as the phone would be used by another student after the 15 minutes allotted to one student. Calls are restricted to 'one' per week for senior students (class 7 and above) and 'two' calls per week for junior students (classes 4 to 6).
  • Parents desirous of speaking to any of the school office bearers should call them on their personal cell numbers during the specified timings (usually between 3PM and 4PM in the afternoon) as per the information and instructions furnished to parents at the commencement of every academic year. Parents should not be disturbing the School officials at other times. However parents are fee to call the school on the office landline numbers during office hours for conveying any specific information to students. All important queries should be made to the Executive Secretary to the Director and principal and NOT the front office telephone operator.
  • Any student who uses the school telephone will be charged per call according to the prevailing tariff and the charge will be credited h is/her tuck shop account.
  • Parenrts making frequent calls to school authorities without any valid reason will be disturbing the latter's schedules and such calls will not be entertained, as per the discretion of the school management.
  • During term-end examinations and special school functions, telephone calls to students would be suspended, as it would disturb their preparation for the examinations. However parents could call the respective school officials and make enquiries about the child or pass on a message to the child through the school officials. Incase of calls being suspended due to a special programme, alternative arrangement would be made on a following day and the parent would be informed about the change through SMS.
  • Whenever a student falls sick, the parent is intimated through an SMS. Parents could call the school during office hours and the call would be connected to "Arogya". The school infirmary and the parent could get first-hand details from the school nurse or the student in the infirmary. The school also updates the details of sickness and medicines administered to students, on the 'ANUSANDHAAN'. module of the school web-site.
  • The school discourages students from using cell phones of staff members and other visitors to the campus. Visiting Parents who handover their cell phones to other Abhyasa students (even if the other student is related to the visitor) the visitor would be asked to leave the campus immediately.

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