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Balancing Independence with Inter – Dependence:

Dormitories“As children grow up to be worldly inquisitive and indulgent, it is necessary to lay the foundation of discrimination, rather than a dominating the makes them revolt! Later self discipline naturally follows discrimination,”…..

Sage Vasishta counseled King Dasharatha -
(as narrated by Valmiki in the ‘Ramayana’)

Collective Living

Bracing Attitudes from ‘Me’ to ‘We’

DormitoriesIn their anxiety to reach the top, most people Endeavour to develop their brains and bodies, forgetting the fact that a ‘whole person’ always includes feeling, emotions, competencies, attitudes and spirit. Essential human competencies such as self-confidence, self-reliance, self-restraint along with appropriateness of emotion have a large bearing on the success of an individual. Behavioral scientists advocate that individuals can achieve complete emotional balance only through ‘community living’ – during the growing years, Very often, innocent expression of parental love beyond a certain age, keeps children trapped in a ‘childish dependency’ – making them naive and helpless and in love with themselves! When ties are cut from both parents at an appropriate age and the child learns to grow independently in a community; a transformation occurs! Children learn that: ‘They will receive as much as they give and realize that Freedom and Responsibility are two sides of the same coin! This evolution will make their future roles in career and society more mature, fulfilling and successful.

DormitoriesThe Abhyasa environment facilitates community living by simulating the larger society with students from all over India and abroad. The school is a replica of the larger world where individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds learn to live and work together until they reach a new level of consciousness.

Hotel Facilities

Abhyasa Provides comfortable hostel accommodation with spacious dormitories, individual cots and cupboards, round-the-clock hot water facility, assistance by ayahs (nannies), laundry, hair salon, a tuck shop with toiletry, confectionery and stationary items, a tailor assistance.

Buddy System

Buddy SystemAbhyasa has a unique system called the ‘Buddy System’ wherein each student is allotted a companion to take care of all aspects of the latter’s – school routine-right from wake up, dinning sessions to classroom sessions. Each buddy acts as a friend, mentor and guide to the other in order to inculcate the feeling of caring and sharing. A Group Leader is also appointed to take care of all the buddies in his/her group.

Telephone facilities including internet, e-mail access and above all-round-the-clock security and vigil. An infirmary isolates sick children with a provision for special diet, while the school doctor and an ambulance service is accessible round the clock.

Dormitory Life

Every student is allotted an individual cupboard and a bunker cot in a dormitory housing 20 students each. The collective living ensures that students are trained to co-exist with peers of various backgrounds in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere and also entails a strict vigil over each other to prevent and untoward incidents. Two such dormitories constitute a Wing and each Wing – Headed by a Matron and House Parents residing at one end of wing-is christened with an Indian name beginning with an ‘A’ – namely Ananda, Anantha, Atulya, Aahlada, Ahalya and so on… The toilet ratio in each Dorm is 1:7 and all the Dormitories and Toilets are cleaned thrice a day and maintained hygienically. Students are trained to maintain their cupboards and make their beds and dry their towels under the supervision of matrons. The matrons also supervise the students’ daily wake-up and monitor their personal hygiene by ensuring that all students brush, wash and clear their bowels without fail. The Dean of student Administration and Campus Rector go on daily rounds to ensure that all repairs and maintenance of infrastructure is complete on a daily basis and students live in a safe and sound environment.

Dormitory LifeEvery morning, students wake up to soothing devotional music aired on the campus radio and their busy ends with a bed-time prayer-thanking the Almighty. The Campus Rector ensures that the school security physically checks the presence and marks the attendance of all students before bolting each dormitory from inside and outside. The students inside, however have an access to the House parent’s quarters round the clock – in the eventuality of an emergency and all dormitories are equipped with alarm and fire-fighting systems. A fortnightly meeting is conducted in each dormitory by the Dean of Student Administration and students have an opportunity to air their personal grievances, emotional issues and inter-personal conflicts that are resolved on the spot. The matrons and student leaders of the dormitory are also available for resolving student’s issues on a daily basis.

The House Matrons are in charge of health, hygiene, house-keeping, daily laundry and diet habits of the students under their Wings, while student leaders ensure discipline and punctuality even after the lights off time. Students are also individually graded on a monthly basis on various aspects of their personality development such as – personal grooming, turnout, punctuality, neatness, courtesy, open-mindedness etc. To inculcate the right etiquette among Abhyasa students the students do not carry any academic reading material into their dormitories, but are encouraged to read story books before falling asleep. While personal cell phones are strictly prohibited, students are allowed to listen to their favorite music on personal – portable mp3 players. The students possessing permissible electronic gadgets are a levied additional electricity charge every month that is charged to their pocket money account.

The dormitories for boys and girls are housed in separate buildings and strict vigil is maintained on campus to ensure a friendly and congenial atmosphere that ensures a healthy relationship between students of both the sexes. The school has consciously chosen a Co-educational system of learning to prepare students for a modern and contemporary way of living that is suitable to the changing trends in the Global Economy. The friendly warmth and co-operation among peers topped by a personalized care and counsel makes Abhyasa – truly ‘a home away from home’. Children grow-up with mutual sympathy, mutual appreciation, mutual dependency and also mutual respect.

Solar Hot Water Facility

Solar Hot Water Facility

All dormitories are provided with hot water facility on a round-the-clock basis. Apart from Solar hot water systems installed on the terraces of each hostel building, electric geysers are also placed as a back-up in each wing, to ensure that the students are provided with hot water during all the seasons.

Tuck Shop and Canteen

Dormitory LifeNot to make the students miss the feel of occasionally munching some junk food, they are offered some branded snack items through the School Tuck Shop under the supervision of matrons-who also ensure that children don’t overeat. Children across all dormitories are offered snacks as per a weekly schedule. Other daily necessities such as toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, academic stationery items etc. are also available to the students through the tuck shop. The weekly issues will be entered in the individual account of each student, by the stock-incharge. This amount is deducted from the pocket money deposit of each student – that has been remitted to the school – along with the Annual School Fees. This way the school also trains students in budgeting their personal expenses and income & Expenditure management.

Study Room

Study RoomA separate study room with a seating capacity of 150 is available in the Ashrama Block – especially for the board-exam-going students who prepare for their exams late into the night. A supervising official ensures that the sessions are done in an effective manner. The room is open unto 11.30pm. This facility also enables that academically weak student to get personal support from their peers and houses teachers. Group studies also enhance co-operation among students. The senior girls also have a similar facility in their dormitory to burn the mid-night oil during examinations.

Professional Counselors

Trained counselors specialized in child psychology and parent-counseling are available on the school campus during the week and also during parent visits, for the students to vent their personal issues and confidential problems, if any. The parents of students could also interact with the counselor and obtain a holistic view of the child’s well being. All sharing by the students are kept strictly confidential and information is not shared with either the school management or the student’s parents, unless the child needs clinical help.

Assistance by Aayahs and Nannies

Assistance by Aayahs and NanniesThe Students of class 4 and 5 are assisted by ayahs for wash and grooming. The Girls are offered personal assistance for oiling and plaiting their hair. Safe and clean drinking Water bulbs are arranged in all the dormitories on a 24 x 7 basis. The ayahs also separately wash the personal under-garments of each student, after soaking them sufficiently with anti-septic. They clean and mop the dormitories with disinfectants and place mosquito-repellants before students retire for the day. They assist the matrons in distributing clothes that return from the laundry. Nannies are available round-the-clock for the younger children with bed wetting problems and also assisting children to the toilets in the middle of the night.

Bed Time Stories

Bed Time StoriesAbhyasa follows the tradition of bed-time stories and fun games for grades IV and V during a scheduled time between 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM. The bed time stories take the kids into a world fantasy where they also imbibe moral values, as the teachers give the children an insight into all kinds of fiction and mythological stories. In addition there is a world of fun awaiting the kids of this age group like ice water, hide and seek, Ringa-Ringa-Roses, Chain-cut, moon and shadow, memory games like Chinese whisper, random number, word games etc. The fun of traditional games played by a generation without television and internet recreated at Abhyasa so that children evolve with pro-active participation and not just passive observation. These games and stories help in the healthy growth of a child both physically and mentally and boost the confidence levels of the child.

Smart Cards

Smart CardsAbhyasa issues Smart Cards to all her students. The smart cards ensure attendance at all important locations on the school campus i.e. Security check at the Main Entrance, Dormitories, Classrooms, Dining Hall, etc. These locations are also equipped with a GPRS tracking system which automatically registers the students’ attendance at various activities at any location of the campus and sends an alarm report to the managers in case a child is found missing at any of the sessions. These smart cards also facilitate a SMS to each parent about the safety & punctuality of their child/ward on the school campus. It also generates a statement of account for each student with information relating to their purchases at the school tuck-shop/canteen, which also help the parents to periodically settle the student’s outstanding accounts.

Student Insurance

RO PlantThe School provides agroup insurance for all the students and staff. In the eventuality of some unforeseen incidents such as accidents or health issues, the hospitalization and medical expenditure is recovered.

Hair Cutting

Students are given regular hair cut within the school campus once a month. The hair-cut sessions usually happen in the morning (before school assembly) and in the evening (before evening preparatory classes) under the supervision of matrons and helpers who also ensure that the students take bath immediately after the hair cut. The charges are levied to each student’s pocket money account.

RO Plant

Hair CuttingClean drinking water to all the inmates of the school campus is provided through Reverse Osmosis Plant which is installed in the School Dining Hall premises. All inmates of the institution enjoy the facility of clean and safe mineral water for drinking and cooking purposes – round the clock. Water is drawn from deep bore wells and not only ‘softened but also filtered’.

AC Plant

All the rooms in the Academic block and the Dormitories are temperate-controlled through a Central Air-Cooling plant to ensure a cool and moderate environment that facilitates comfortable living conditions.

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