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Adventure & Outing

Trekking Camps in the Himalayas

Health & HygieneEvery year during the month of May Trekking Camps are organized in the Himalayas, where students accompanied by Abhyasa staff trek-up to a height of 4500 to 5000 meters on the snow clad mountains.

Cross Country & Nature Walks

Sunday Mornings are set aside for Cross Country runs outside the Campus for the seniors and a laid back Nature walk for the juniors in the woods nearby. It is a fitness activity to enhance endurance, as well as a relaxation technique in midst of the meadows.


Health & HygieneOnce a Month, a Picnic is organized for all the students in picturesque location in the country-side filled with boulders, trees and lakes. Students go trekking on a Sunday afternoon accompanied by their Teachers and Matrons. Children climb rocks or laze around by the lake-side or play fun games – followed by snacks and cool drinks and return to campus before dark.

The Parents Picnic is a once in a year activity organized outside the campus for students and their parents, in the first week of December. Parents are entertained with Fun games, Treasure Hunt and treated to sumptuous Lunch & Snacks on location. This activity is also clubbed with the ‘Commerce Activity’ undertaken by the senior students – adding to the fun and frolic of the day.

Bravery Tests

Courage can be imbued in children only when are drawn away from the cosy comforts of home and they are able to overcome fear in uncertain situations. Bravery tests simulate the ‘Scary Houses’ at Fun Zones in city Malls. They are conducted for batches of students on week-ends during the nights. If a student walks across the dark mango grove up to the solitary banyan tree, after crossing a few scary hurdles without getting frightened, he/she is awarded a bravery certificate.

Adventure activities

Health & HygieneThe school organizes adventure activities such as Repelling, Rock Climbing, River crossing etc. with support from professional Adventure operators who simulate critical situations on the campus.

Safari and Wildlife Observation

Wild life tour operators also conduct week-end, over the night wild life observation campus at Srisailam Wild life Sanctuary for Abhyasa students at a nominal fee. Students of the Nature Club can avail this facility.

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