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    Book Exhibition 2017

    Books are a mirror of one’s soul which enrich the mind and soothe the heart. ABHYASA INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL School organized ‘BOOK EXHIBITION’ on 13th August, 2017.

    The signal went loud and clear that Abhyasa School believes in providing its students with holistic and informative literature to enrich their vocabulary and diction. The Book Exhibition helps the students inculcate reading habits by reading enriched literature.

    The children enjoyed the fair and picked books varying from science to spooky stories; from puzzles to poems; and from fiction to facts. The teachers equally helped the children in selecting the books. The children wished the fair to last for a longer time as it would give them an opportunity to read and access more informative literature besides their efficiently loaded school library.

    Thanks to Our Beloved C.E.O. Sir Mr.Vinaayak Kalletla Garu, for planning & providing such opportunity to us all.

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