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School Updates 2007 - 2008

S.NO Activity Name of the Winner Class Position
1 Mehendi Designing Zohra Sammani XII 1st
2 Mehendi Designing Kriti Agarwal XI IInd
3 Mehendi Designing Divya Sri XI IIIrd
4 Poster Making Divya Sri XI 1st
5 Poster Making Amar Jyothi XII IInd
6 Event of 30 seconds to tame. Anmol Israni VII Consolation prize
7 Free Style Group Dance No. of students.-36. V to XII 1st
8 Style Act No. of students.-29. VII to XII IInd
9 Telugu Essay Writing Raghav XI IInd
10 Telugu Essay Writing Chaitanya.M XII IIIrd
11 Dumb charades Nihal Gupta XI IInd
12 Dumb charades Sai Akhilesh XI IInd
13 Dumb charades Aswin Agarwal XI IInd
14 Greeting Card Making Kriti Agarwal XI IInd
15 Greeting Card Making Divya Sri XI IIIrd
16 Still Photography Harshin Lalpet X IInd
17 Still Photography Venkata Sai Ram IX IIIrd

(II) Abhyasa's enthusiasm and the spirit to win are always on the high and it doesn't sit and brood over the laurels achieved. ..and the 'unending' goes on and on... Abhyasa, at the ICSE and ISC A.P Regional Sports Meet held at Hyderabad, between 30th Aug. 2007 and 1 of September 2007 further strengthened the position of Abhyasa where the students reached the highest ever medal tally in this event.. .and the following table depicts that:

S.NO Activity Name of the Winner Class Position
1 Swimming G. Vasista 100M F. S GOLD
2 Swimming G. Vasista 50M But GOLD
3 Swimming M. Karthik 50M But SILVER
4 Swimming Arshab Kumar Agarwal 100M Back GOLD
5 Swimming A.R.Salman 100M Back SILVER
6 Swimming Sai Akhilesh 50M Breast BRONZE
7 Swimming M. Karthik 100M But GOLD
8 Swimming Sai Akhilesh 100M But SILVER
9 Swimming Nihal Gupta 100 Breast GOLD
10 Swimming M. Badrinath 100M Breast SILVER
11 Swimming Salman 50M Back GOLD
12 Swimming Aswin Kumar Agarwal 50M Back BRONZE
13 Swimming M. Badrinath 50M GOLD
14 Swimming Badrinath 4 X 100 Relay GOLD
15 Swimming Nihal Gupta 4 X 100 Relay GOLD
16 Swimming Ajinkya D 4 X 100 Relay GOLD
17 Swimming G. Vasista 4 X 100 Relay GOLD
18 Swimming D. Sagar 50M But BRONZE
19 Swimming S. Chirag 100M But BRONZE
20 Swimming Shrawan Shaker 50M Breast SILVER
21 Swimming D. Sagar 100M But SILVER
22 Swimming Aniketh K 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
23 Swimming Darshan H 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
24 Swimming D. Sagar 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
25 Swimming Shravan Shankar 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
26 Swimming Sravan S 100 Breast GOLD
27 Swimming M. Vivek 100 Breast BRONZE
28 Swimming Apoorvi 50M F.S. BRONZE
29 Swimming Apoorvi 50M Back BRONZE
30 Swimming Aachal M 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
31 Swimming Sonal P 4 X 100 Relay SILVER
32 Swimming Apoorvi 4 X 100 Relay SILVER

G.Vasista of class XII won the INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION IN SENIOR BOYS category for the Second consecutive year.

Abhyasa scored 59 points and stood as the OVERALL CHAMPIONS IN SENIOR BOYS category in Swimming.

The BASKET BALL SENIOR BOYS team stood IIIRD in its ranking and received 12 Medals and I Shield.

The total number of medals won by Abhyasa at this event are: 33

S.NO Activity Name of the Winner Class Position
1 Athletics Jai Jhadav BOOM GOLD
2 Athletics Abhisheka Long Jump BRONZE
3 Athletics Abhisheka T-Jump BRONZE
4 Athletics Ashwin K Agarwal T-Jump SILVER
5 Athletics Jai Jhadav 1SOOM SILVER
6 Athletics Ravi Raj Javelien GOLD
7 Athletics Badrinath Javelien SILVER
8 Athletics Way, Jai, Suraj & Anudeep 4 X l0Omtrs.Relay GOLD
9 Athletics D.Tanvi 3KM Walk BRONZE
10 Athletics P Shivani 3KM Walk BRONZE

Total No. of Medals inclusive of Swimming, Basket Ball and Athletics = 60.

The above achievements of Abhyasa at the A.P Regional ISC and ICSE Sports Meet impressed the selectors and a total number of 24 students for Basket ball, swimming and athletics, were selected from Abhyasa alone for the National ICSE and ISC Sports Meet to be held at Mysore and Kerala.

Flash News: At the National ICSE and ISC National Swimming Competition held at Mysore 29th and 3Oth September three medals were won by the Abhyasa students. The winners are:

  • M. Karthik of dan XI won a Bronze medal In the event of 1OOmtrs. Butterfly stroke.
  • Arshab Kumar Agarwal of class XII won a Bronze medal in the event of lOOmtrs. Backstroke.
  • Salman Abdul Rehman of class Xl won a Silver medal in the event of 1IOOmtrs, Backstroke.

III) Apart from the above the Abhyasa students enjoy realizing their dreams at their individual level in the internal competitions conducted occasionally on the campus. These Students Club Activities and the Games and Sports Competitions are generally conducted between the two houses — SI-IIVA and SAKTI. These competitions bring out the talents and the spirit of the Abhyasa students. The total number of prizes given away for these activities this year amount to nearly more then 300.

IV) Apart from all the above Abhyasa has realized something which it has never dreamt off.. .the Youth Achievement Award for Excellence to Mr M.R.S.K.Chaitanya presented by the United Nations has added glory to the Abhyasa Gramseva programme. The Gramseva programme is taken up with the ideal of taking up the social responsibility and helping the poor and the needy. The noble cause is justified.

V) The realization has not taken place only by winning the positions and prizes, it has arrived even through experience.. .such experience was gained by the Abhyasa students by participating in different external competitions...

  • 9 students have participated in the District Badminton Championship conducted by Medak District Badminton Association.
  • in the Emily Emmnuel Inter-School Basket Ball Tournament conducted by St.Andrew's High School, Secunderabad, both the boys and girls teams which participated exhibited their best spirit and the boys team could reach till quarter finals.
  • In the YMCA League Basket ball matches totally 12 members participated.
  • VI Rev. Fr. Devasia Memorial Basket Ball tournament was conducted by St.Patrick's High School, Secunderabad. Both the boys and girls teams of Abhyasa teams participated.
  • R.Prabhakar Yadav Inter-School Basket ball championship was conducted by St.Piou's High School where the boys team of Abhyasa participated and at this tournament Ashay Kadu of Abhyasa received the Best Player Award.
  • At the St.Paul's Table Tennis Tournament, totally 23 students participated where they played with the A.P.State Ranking players. Mr.Pradeep Raj of Class XII reached upto semi final stage.
  • The Abhyasa cricket team has participated in the Inter-School Cricket Tournament conducted by Hyderabad Cricket Association.
  • The Inter-School Foot ball tournament conducted by, the Shastry Soccer Club, Thirumalaghery was a debut appearance for the Abhyasa Foot ball team. Out of the two matches played the team won, one match which appeared in the Deccan Chronicle News paper.
  • 50 Abhyasa students participated in the 10 K Run on 25th November, 2007. This was conducted by Hyderabad 10 K Run Foundation at Necklace Road, Hyderabad.
  • On 27th November, 2007 Abhyasa students made their mark at Sun Feast Hara Banao held at 1-lyderabad where they won 1 Place for a presentation on Waste Management and 2M place for group dance.
  • The Abhyasa students were the highlight at Taramati Music and Dance Festival held at Golkonda, 7th, 8th & 9th of December, 2008.
  • 25 students were at Bandarbhan, Hoshangabad District, Madhya Pradesh between 23 to 25th of February, 2008 to participate in the International River Festival. They carried back loads of experience and knowledge for Environment.

VI) Abhyasa has been dreaming of a kitchen garden for a long time. The time has come for the realization of this dream. The students of class VII have taken up the project of planting and taking care of the Banana saplings as part of their SUPW programme. The yield will be used for the consumption of all the students once saplings start bearing the fruit. We at Abhyasa wish the Class VII students a success...


At Abhyasa everybody is taught to enjoy every aspect of life. Hence, recreation is part and parcel of Abhyasa's schedule, activities, curriculum etc. Recreation started with all the old students arriving on the campus, back from summer vacation, on 9th June and the new students on 10th of June, 2007. ..and then on. looking back.. .the following details will give you a glimpse of that recreation.

Festivals and Functions

  • At Abhyasa the festive season always starts with the Abhyasa's birth anniversary on 2I of June. Most of the students look forward for this Occasion because:
  • It is Abhyasa's birthday, their sweet home which provides them not only learning experience but also exposure and entertainmen
  • On this day Investiture Ceremony is held and many students officially assume their responsibilities and duties as managers or heads of different departments by receiving the badges.
  • That day being the first parent visit day of the year— most of them especially the new ones, would eagerly wait for it.. In the morning on 21g the Investiture Ceremony was conducted where the District Superintendent of Police of Medak District, Mr.R.P.Nayak, presided over the function and invested all the Managers and Head swith powers. This year the rain god helped Abhyasites to prove their indomitable spirit to break any barrier that comes in the way of performing their duties,.. starting from the arrangements for the programme to taking care of the new ones by the seniors. All those parents who were present on that day must have been a witness to the care and concern exhibited by the students of classes XI and XII. As the programme was ending they ran from place to place within the campus, trying to find children with home sickness, so that they could take care of them. That was normal, a yearly activity.. .the most noticeable aspect was that, it was raining cats and dogs.. .and they did not care about themselves, they were only moving here and there picking up crying babies from their parents, consoling them and handing them over to the matrons,. .what more one requires to depict the responsible behaviour of the Abhyasa students.
  • Abhyasa is always and forever is indebted to the Founder Patron Sri Rangadas Kalletla and gratitude manifested itself into a cultural programme to entertain him on his 70th Birthday on 28th June. The programme consisting of welcome dance in the form of Shiva tandavam the celestial dance of Lord Shiva1 songs and a ballet depicting the life of Mr.Rangadas enthralled the audience. The programme was witnessed by the family members consisting of Mr.Vasudev Rangadas, Mrs.Mala, Miss Katya and Miss Priyanka along with many relatives.
  • On the 22nd of July Abhyasa has conducted the Sports Meet for all the class IV Employees on the campus. The meet not only brought to light the spirit of the participants to win in the competitions conducted but also the cultural side of their life through the performance of dances like Batakamma. The meet ended with prize distribution for all the winners and gifts for all the class IV employees, followed by dinner where the students and the staff including the Principal served food to all of them in the dinning hall.
  • GURU POORNIMA at Abhyasa is always celebrated with traditional fervour. In the morning the Pada Puja was done to the Silver moulded feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the divine gum, whose inspiration and blessings made the establishment and growth of Abhyasa possible. In the evening there was a bhajan session, followed by a talk by the Principal.
  • The Indian Independence Day, on the 15th of August is an occasion where all the students and staff reiterate their feeling of patriotism, to work for the growth and development of the country. Similar to last year, Mr.Vinayak, addressed the students over the cell phone from abroad, where he stressed on the aim of Abhyasa to develop Harijanwada at Toopran, into a model village, which was formed on the very same day in 2006. He also spoke on the aspect of Sharing and Caring which helps every human being, society, country and the whole world in general to grow prosperous emotionally and economically.
  • The festival which every sister loves to enjoy celebrating in India is Raksha Bandhan.The feeling was same at Abhyasa too. All the girls, traditionally dressed, personally made arrangements at the Amphi theatre to tie rakhis to all their brethren. They tied rachis, gave sweets and most importantly had fun. A few teachers also addressed all the children and spoke about the importance of the festival.
  • The celebration of Sri Krishna janmashatami on the 4th of September had talks by a few a teachers, dances depicting the leelas of the Lord and a few songs in His praise. A special jhula was arranged for the Lord and the programme ended with the distribution of prasadam.
  • The 5th of September is the birthday of Prof.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and is a day considered in India as Teachers Day. On that day at Abhyasa, the students performed Padapuja for all the teachers and in the evening they conducted and entertainment programmed consisting of fun games, dances, dramas and songs for the teachers.
  • The 6th September is the day for which all the children eagerly wait. . .because it's the day of Birthday of their beloved Principal, Mr.Vinayak Kalletla. The celebrations started the previous night when Mr. Vinayak arrived on the campus from Hyderabad. He was taken in a procession on a decorated vehicle with the students singing the Birthday song. The celebrations in the evening, after the classes, had ramp walks, fun games, dramas, dances and songs by both students and the staff. It was on this day that the present class IX batch has assumed its new name "Akhanda" and the classes XI and XII have merged to be called "Abhyan".
  • Lord Ganesha is present all over the campus at Abhyasa, in both his divine body being the omnipresent and in physical body in the form of statues and Ganesh Chathurthi finds a great place in the list of celebrations here. This year there is a great speciality added to this celebration. The students1 being environmental friendly, decided to make Ganeshas out of pure mud without using any artificial material and colours. Every class had prepared their own Ganeshas and totally there were 9 of them. The puja and hawan were performed in the evening and the next day being the parent visit day, the Ganesh Immersion was arranged. This is yet another occasion where the Abhyasa students exhibit their enthusiasm, emotions and energy. The students have made palanquins to carry their own Ganeshas and decorated them. They danced tirelessly to please Lord Ganesha so that he comes back next year — pudcha varshi laukarya — with same smile on His face to bless everybody. The 9 student Ganeshas followed by the Bhajan group, the shouting brigade giving out slogans in praise of Lord Ganesha, the palanquins and the dancing brigade keeping in rhythm with the drum beats, enchanted the parents who joined the procession and the onlookers from the Toopran town. The parents, as always happens, lent a helping hand ensuring the safety of the students and in the distribution of water. The devotion of some of the parents was so much that they started carrying the palanquins on their shoulders along with the students. These are some occasions where Abhyasa family's solidarity comes to the fore.
  • The greatest satisfaction for the Abhyasa staff came, when their students of classes X and XII took up a noble task of cleaning the Harijanwada area on the day of Gandhi jayanthi, following his foot steps. They spent the whole day in the area cleaning all the roads and teaching the inmates to be more responsible.. .this activity had such an impact that the head of the village had personally come down to students and told them that, henceforth, he would take up this cleaning work with the help of his workers. The day ended with a programme in the evening with the Principal reminding everybody about Gandhijis discipline and his steadfastness to truth and non-violence.
  • The SHABAD SAUBABH gave a message for life: Duty, Devotion & Discipline. Anchored by Saas & Bahu, this presented personalities like Hanuman, Shravan Kumar, Mira Bal, Sudhachandran, Gandhiji, Vivekanda etc.
  • November, J4th, 2007 Children's Day, the Birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the day, when the teachers jumped, spoke, danced, fought, rolled and screamed like children to entertain Abhyasa students.
  • Abhyasa celebrated the 84th Birthday of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on 23 November. The morning started with Nagarsankirtan and in the evening all the students participated in Narayanseva and cloths distribution for the poor on the campus.
  • Bhogi and Sankranthi on 14th & 15th of January, 2008 were celebrated by Abhyasites 7 with traditional favour. On Bhogi, the students lit a Traditional Compfire and danced around it in expression of their joy. On Sankranthi, the students made a huge Rangoli design on the road.
  • Basanth Pancharni on 1d' February was celebrated with different flavour this year. In the evening the students went into the streets of Toopran singing Rhajans and Narayanseva was performed at Harijanwada. Later at the Temple on the campus Mr.Varnshi, PA to the Principal, presented a Veena instrumental recital, while the school choir-group sang devotional songs.
  • Holi, the most enjoyable festival of the year was celebrated on 21 March, 2008. On 20th night, the newly formed ECA and Activity Management groups organized Holika Dahan. The programme had speeches and Drama explaining the significance of the occasion. On 21st morning all the students gathered at Priyanka's play field to play with naturally and indigenously prepared colours. There were spray pumps, to mugs, bottles, small shampoo bottles, empty cold cream bottles — students carried all sorts things to splash coloured water on each other. This year an extra addition was the presence of village Drummers among the children who pumped their energies out, make the students jump in rhythm. Apart from the coloured water and normal water most of the children played with another type of water.... If I tell you, what it is... I am sure all the parents will feel J'.... The Drums of coloured water naturally prepared with Palak, Beetroot, Turmeric etc., created huge mud pool in the grounds... now you know what they did ... They did sliding, rolling and performed original 'mud slinging'. Aren't you '€1'? Later all the students of X & XII went in a procession within the campus dancing to the drum beats.
  • Closing ceremony of 12th Annual Inter-Home Sports Meet took place at Abhyasa's Priyanka's Play Field on 27th January, 2008 in the presence of the parents. The chief Guest for the day was Mr.S.V.S.Bhandari, Principal, Hyderabad Public School. The Ceremony was filled with colourful dances, ribbon display, Mass PT. Exercises and that catches the eye, which was prepared in a record time of two days.
  • 23 December, 2007 was a Day when Abhyasa thundered at the Lal Bahadur Sastry Indoor Stadium at Hyderabad. That was the Cultural Nite-2008 where a Ballet depicting the Gum-Disciple relationship involving all the students of Abhyasa was presented and as usual it won the hearts of all those who witnessed, including the chief guest, Mr.Teja, renowned Film Director of the Telugu Film Industry.

  • The story is unending... as always at Abhyasa... here we are to witness another Valedictory ceremony...


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