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School Updates 2006 - 2007

Abhyasa Outside

In this academic year 2006-07, Abhyasa has proved its mettle externally, wherever It set its foot ('Iron-leg' for the competitors), be It Horlicks competition kr the ICSE & ISC Sports Meet and the like.

    Games and Sports Competitions

  • At the Chief Ministers' Cup Swimming Competitions conducted by Medak District Sports Authority, on 7th July, 2006, Abhyasa scored 10 out of 10. All the l0members who participated were selected for the State level competitions. At the State level competitions held at (3achibowli Stadium, Hyderaba4 between 30.09.2006 and 04.10.2006, Sagar Devikar of doss Viii won a bronze medal In the 50mtis. butterfly event.
  • In the Emily Emmanual Inter-School Basket ball tournament and at R.Prabhakar Yadav Memorial Trophy inter-school Basket ball tournament the Abhyasa teams have reached up to quarter finals and semi finals respectively, bearing the tough competition from the city schools.
  • Abhyasa also participated in State ranking Shuttle Badminton Tournament held at Lal Bahadur Stadium, St.Paul's Table Tennis Open Ranking Tournament, Independence Cup Tournament for Cricket, Enadu Championship Badminton Tournament and also in other friendly matches with Nasr School and Gitanjali School, Hyderabad and St.Arnolds & school, Toopran. At the Medak District Under 13 Cricket selection at Sangareddy, for the InterDistrict tournament, two of the Abhyasa students Praneeth Gawande and Animesh K Mohta were selected.

  • ICSE & ISC A.P. Regional Sports Meet

    The ICSE & ISC A.P Regional Sports Meet was held at the Railway Grounds, Hyderabad between 12th & 14th Oct, 2006. Abhyasa students were in the mood of 'doom machade' during the meet. Abhyasa not only had bagged the overall championship in Swimming, but also achieved a total of 7 gold, S silver and 18 bronze medals, as never before. The details are as follows.

S.NO Name of the Student Class Category Event Medal
1 P. Pooja XII Senior 3 Km. Walk GOLD
2 G. Vasista XI Senior 100mts. Free Style GOLD
3 K. Yogesh Kumar Reddy XII Senior 50mts. Back Stroke GOLD
4 G. Vasista XI Senior 4 X 100mts.swimming relay GOLD
5 K. Yogesh Kumar Reddy XII Senior 4 X 100mts.swimming relay GOLD
6 Pradeeptha Goswami XI Senior 4 X 100mts.swimming relay GOLD
7 Ajinkya Daware XI Senior -4 X 100mts.swimming relay GOLD
8 Uday Vora X Junior Long Jump Silver
9 M. Badrinath X Junior Javelin Silver
10 G. Vasista XI Senior 50mts. Free Style Silver
11 G. Vasista XI Senior 50mts. butterfly Silver
12 Ajinkya Daware XI Senior 100mts. Free Style Silver
13 Aditya Putta IX Junior Triple Jump Bronze
14 Uday Vora X Junior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
15 C. Paramanshu IX Junior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
16 M. Sriharsha X Junior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
17 A. Venkatesh X Junior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
18 K. Abhishek XII Senior Discuss Throw Bronze
19 Rohit Ruikar XII Senior Javelin Bronze
20 V. Anudeep Reddy XI Senior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
21 K. Pradeep Raj XI Senior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
22 K. Yogesh Kr. Reddy XI Senior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
23 Nikhil Salve XI Senior 4 X100mts. Relay Bronze
24 D. Sai Madhuri XII Senior 3 km. walk Bronze
25 Shivani Puglia IX Junior 3 km. walk Bronze
26 M. Badrinath X Junior 4 X 100mts. swimming relay Bronze
27 Abhinand Gopal X Junior 4 X 100mts. swimming relay Bronze
28 Saket Sagdeo X Junior 4 X 100mts. swimming relay Bronze
29 P. Yashodhan X Junior 4 X 100mts. swimming relay Bronze
30 Arshab Kr. Agarwal XI Senior 50mts. Back Stroke Bronze

ICSE & ISC National Sports Meet

A 14 member contingent represented Andhra Pradesh at the ICSE & ISC National Sports Meet held at Rajkot, Gujarat, between 10th and 12th November, 2006. Even at the National Level Abhyasa created ripples of achievements in two ways. Firstly Pooja Puglia of Class XII won a Bronze medal in the 3kms. Walk event, the AP Senior Boys Basket Ball Team won the championship with Nikhil Salve of Abhyasa as the major contributor; Sanjana Jadhav from the Junior girls Basket Ball team also played her part in taking the team to the Runner-up level and Ajinkya Dawore and G. Vasista were a part of the Bronze medal winning team for Andhra Pradesh in the 4 x 1OOmts swimming relay team. Secondls4 the Abhyasa students also won their acclaim from the other coaches for their obedient and disciplined way of life.

Horlicks Activity

A National event: This event was conducted on 24th & 25th of August, 2006 at Sri Sathya Sal Nigamagamam, Hyderabad. This Activity had 60 schools from in and around Hyderabad weighing for positions in nearly 20 different varieties of competitions. For Abhyasa this years' activity was special for two main reasons — One: the students went to the events absolutely unprepared as they were busy studying for their II Cycle Tests and Second: without preparation, participating only in a few events, Abhyasa has bagged the Runner-up position In the overall performance, Abhyasa has totally bagged 8 first positions and 8 second positions out of 20 competitions, apart from

  • The Best Dressed School
  • The Best Placard Award
  • The overall runner-up.

  • The Proud winners of the Horlicks Activity - Inter School Competitions.

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