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Archives 2002 - 2003

School Updates 2002 - 2003

15.06.2002 Seventh year begins with 306 students.
Old students of classes VI to X arrive on the campus.
New academic curriculum introduced based on multiple intelligence theory.
Modified system of teaching-learning process with a one-of-its-kind evaluation
system based on Grade Point Average. Abhyasa is perhaps the first school in Andhra Pradesh to introduce such a system of education.
16.06.2002 New students of classes VI to X arrive on the campus
23.06.2002 Old and new students of classes III to V arrive on the campus.
Anniversary of Abhyasa Abhyasa
hosts the ‘Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter School Debate Competition’.
The judges were: Ms. Usha Reddy, Principal, Meridian school, Hyd.
Ms. Manju Gupta, Principal, Pallavi Model School, Hyd. Ms. Jayanti Prasad & Ms. Jaya George, Schoolnet India.
Investiture ceremony presided over by Mr. De La Fontaine, Retired Air chief Marshal.


24.06.2002 Picnic to Ramalayam temple.

Counseling session for students by Dr. B.V. Pattabhi Ram.

04.07.2002 Workshop for teachers on strengthening of Culture and values in

Education sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

06.07.2002 Inter-House Students Club Activity - Group Singing (Seniors).
07.07.2002 Trekking - Ghanapur
13.07.2002 Inter-House Students Club Activity - Group Singing (Intermediates).
14.07.2002 Parents Visit - Talk by Mr. P.R. Ramesh - Charted accountant and partner - Deloitte Haskins & Sells.
16.07.2002 Refresher course on MS word for teachers conducted by Schoolnet India.
19.07.2002 Abhyasa Students participate in the fourth annual state ranking & inter school table-tennis tournament conducted table tennis academy. Hyderabad.
20.07.2002 Inter-House Students Club Activity Group Singing (Juniors)
21.07.2002 Participated in the painting competition organized by Nachiketa Tapovan. Picnic - Hussainpur.
24.07.2002 Guru Poornima - Nagasankirthan and Narayan seva.
26.07.2002 Kargil remembrance day - Quiz competition
27.07.2002 Inter-House Students Club Activity - Dramatics (Seniors)
28.07.2002 Parents Visit - Values and Issues - Interaction with students.
29.07.2002 Participated in the II stage of the Frank Anthony All India Memorial Debate Competition held at Siva Sivani School. Participated in the Junior level solo-singing competition organized by NachiketaTapovan
01.08.2002 Anusandhaan - The intranet system for administrative & student information launched to create a 'paperless administrative system' and make students information available to parents all over the globe, anytime, with weekly updates.
02.08.2002 Participated in the competition - ‘Flights of Fantasy' Expression through Art organ zed by Gitanjali Devashala.
03.08.2002 Inter-House students Club Activity - Dramatics (Intermediates)
05.08.2002 Talent search activity - Mono-acting.
09.08.2002 Visit by Dr. B.V Pattabbiram and Mr. Mallikarjun - handwriting expert.
11.08.2002 Picnic - Toopran canal at Yavapur village.
15.08.2002 Independence day - Parent * Teacher Interaction. Talk by Mr. Yandamoori Veerendranath - a chartered accountant, writer, personality development motivatory and a house hold name in Andhra Pradesh.
17.08.2002 Inter House Students Club Activity - Seminar on Human Values and Spirituality (Seniors)
18.08.2002 Visit by Mr. Vasudev Rangadas - Vice President - i2 technologies, U.S.A. and founding member of Abhyasa.
19.08.2002 Workshop for teachers conducted by the Council for the ICSE in various subjects.
22.08.2002 Raksha Bandhan
23.08.2002 'Buoyancee' - a performance enhancement programme to train students in various skills such as inter-personal communication. magic, calligraphy, etc. This was a first of its kind training to be conducted by any school in A.P.
26.08.2002 Green olympiad ‘2002 - The students of classes VIII, IX & X bad an opportunity to test their knowledge of the environmentthrough the ‘Green Olympiad 2002’, India’s first environmental examination organized by Tata Energy Research Institute.
30.08.2002 Krishnashtami - Parents visit - 'Utti' - the pot breaking sport.
01.09.2002 Trek to Veldurthi - a place 14 kms away from the campus which is known lot its ancient lord Venkateshwara and Lord Mallikarjuna temples and the veldurthy lake with a lotus pond and tortoises surrounded by hillocks.
05.09.2002 Talent search activity - Mimicry.
06.09.2002 Introduction of 'Linguaphone system' - an effective programme to improve communication and intonations of spoken English among students
07.09.2002 Inter House Students Club Activity - Dramatics (Juniors).
08.09.2002 Talent search activity - Dumb Charades. Inter House Students Club Activity - Group Dance (Intermediates)
09.09.2002 Grand Parents Day - visit to the Helpage India (Home for the aged) by class VIII students. The students enjoyed serving and talking to the aged, spoke to the inmates about their experiences in life and had the privilege of talking to a soldier who had participated in the second world war.
10.09.2002 Ganesh Chaturthi - Nagasankirtan and Narayan Seva
14.09.2002 Counsiling session by Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram.Inter House Student Club Activity - Group Dance (Intermediates)
15.09.2002 Parents visit - Ganesh immersion Ceremony.
16.09.2002 Mathematics Olympiad Contest ‘2002’- The students of classes VIII. IX & X appeared for this contest organized by Delhi Association of Mathematics Teachers. It is purely functional and is student - oriented and helps students to gauge his / her own performance before appearing for their competitive entrance examinations like medical, engg., etc.
17.09.2002 Video workshop for teachers conducted by Schoolnet India.
23.09.2002 Participated in the fifth national kung-fu competition held at Gummadidala, conducted by Shovolien Kung-fu Martial Academy, Andhra Pradesh. Master S.Vamshi and Master G. Vasistha won bronze medals in the sparing event.
24.09.2002 The chairman of Abhyasa governing body, Mr. Prabhakar Rao - Retd. Director General of Police and his spouse Mrs. Vedavathi Prabhakar Rao, a renowned playback singer visited Abhyasa and spent a long day with students visiting each class to witness the technology aided lesson and activities adapted to the Abhyasa curriculum.
27.09.2002 Birthday of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.
30.09.2002 World Elders Day - Talk by Dr. Deenadayal, eminent ENT Surgeon.
02.10.2002 Participated in the A.P. Regional Athletic Meet for ICSE & ISC Schools. Master Shravan Kumar - gold medal for discuss throw, silver medal for shot put and bronze medal for javelin throw. Master Paramveer Sing - bronze medal for discus throw. Miss Vakula Sharma - bronze medal for 400 meters.
12.10.2002 Semester exams end - students leave for vacation.
15.10.2002 Inauguration of 'Ahwaan' - the new entrance.
06.11.2002 Start for Prashanthi Nilayam.
10.11.2002 Staff and students return to the campus from vacation.
14.11.2002 Children s Day - Teachers perform for the students. Commissioning of new concrete roads Aarohana : the in-road & Avarohana : The exit road.
15.11.2002 Students of classes Vii to X appear for the Academic, and Achievement Tests (AAT’2002) conducted by the Council for the ICSE in association with the Institute of Psychological & Educational Measurement, Allahabad.
17.11.2002 Picnic - Veldurthy
19.11.2002 The occasion of ‘Karthika Poornima’ was celebrated with all the staff and class IX and X students actively participating in the tradition of floating Lamps.
23.11.2002 Birthday of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba- Introduction of world space radio for spiritual discourses live from Prasarithi Nilayam.
24.11.2002 Parents Visit -Exhibition of the various models mad by the students.
26.11.2002 Workshop on effective usage of OHP conducted by Schoolnet India.
27.11.2002 All the Science teachers and a few representatives from classes V to IX had the opportunity of visiting the National Science Exhibition, organized by NCERT - held at Exhibition grounds, Nampally, Hyderabad.
30.11.2002 Visit by Mr. Robin Bordoloi - Honourable Minister of Sports, Govt. of Assam.Inter House Students Club Activity - Group dance (Juniors)
Sixth Annual Sports Meet -
Inauguration by Dr. B.V. Pattabhi Ram.
Mr. Lohit Kumar - Television artiste, ventriloquist & mimicry artiste performs for the students.
08.12.2002 Closing ceremony of Sixth Annual Sports Meet.
15.12.2002 Parents trekking - Ghanpur village.
19.12.2002 In a bold and innovative step Abhyasa introduces 4-5 hour periods to enable an in-depth teaching-learning process that could include field trips, detailed project work for various subjects.
21.12.2002 Inter House Students Club Activity - Science demonstration.
22.12.2002 Birthday of Sri Ramanujam - Mathematics Day Maths quiz conducted for Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors.
25.12.2002 Christmas - Nagarsankirtana & Narayanseva Visit to the church.
26.12.2002 Visit by Sister, Antonia & Sister Monica Principals, St. Ann's High School, Secunderabad.
29.12.2002 Parents Visit Values and Issues - interaction with students.
31.12.2002 New Year Eve celebrations.
01.01.2003 New Year day - Narayan Seva.
12.01.2003 Seventh Cultural Nite held at ‘Anubhav' - the amphi - theatre on the school campus.
Chief guests :
Sri T. Hanuman Chowdary
Information Technology Advisor to Govt. of A.P.
Prof. V. Jayarama Reddy Secretary, A.P. State Council of Higher Education.
Theme : 'Vasudhiava Kutumbakam' - The Earth is one Family.
Master Rushi Arun bags the gold metal awarded to the topper in the March 2002 Class X examination.
Master Vikas Piprani bags the gold medal awarded to the topper in Mathematics in the March 2002 Class X examination.
12.01.2003 Students leave for a short break after the Cultural Nite programme.
17.01.2003 Students return after the Sankranthi break. Kite flying festival.
19.01.2003 Picnic - Toopran canal.
24.01.2003 Visit by Mr. Tejbir Singh Anand Holiday Moods & Adventures India Ltd., New Delhi. Abhyasa hosts 'rappelling expedition for more than a hundred guest student from ICSE schools in the twin cities. A first of its kind activity for school children in and around Hyderabad.
25.01.2003 Inter House Students Club Activity - Elocution (Juniors)
Inter House Students Club Activity - Debate (Intermediates)
26.01.2003 Republic Day
29.01.2003 Visit by Mr.V.Sai Kiran - Noted Telugu and Tamil film star.
02.02.2003 Parent Teacher interaction
04.02.2003 Final exams for class IX begin.
06.02.2003 Temple Anniversary celebrations. Workshop for teachers on effective usage of tape recorder conducted by Schoolnet India.
16.02.2003 Talk by Mr. C.H. Ramachander - Deputy Superintendent of Police, Toopran.
18.02.2003 Training in memorisation and study techniques by
Dr. J.N. Reddy - Guinness record holder from the Madras Academy for Excellence.
22.02.2003 Visit by Dr. B.V.Pattabhi Ram
Abhyasa students participate in a cultural programme to mark the seventh anniversary of the local Bhagwan Sathya Sai bhajan Mandali.
23.02.2003 Parents visit
01.03.2003 Maha Shivaratri
Counseling session for Class X students by
Dr. B.V. Pattabhi Ram.
03.03.2003 Academic session begins for the fifth batch of class X students begins.
27 pupils of fourth batch of class X take exams.
04.03.2003 Visit by Mrs. C. Rommel, Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Vientiane, Laos.
08.03.2003 International Women's day
Debate Competition.
09.03.2003 Visit by Mrs. Usha Raman, a reputed columnist in 'The Hindu'
A national daily, to address parents and students on various career opportunities that are available in the current market scenario.
13.03.2003 Annual examinations for class III to VIII commence.
15.03.2003 Abhyasa features in 'The Best Schools of Hyderabad' survey
conducted by the Indian Express Group of publication.
19.03.2003 Holi
30.03.2003 Valedictory 2003 - Technology Fest-
Students of Classes III to V leave for summer vacation.
31.03.2003 Valedictory 2003 - Technology Fest-
Students of Classes VI to VII leave for summer vacation
04.04.2003 Academic session for the class IX batch begins.
10.04.2003 Sri Ramanavami - Narayana Seva.
20.04.2003 First entrance test for new admissions.
30.04.2003 Students of classes IX & X leave for summer vacation.

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