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Abhysasa International Residential School, believes in giving equal opportunities to each and every student of the school to exhibit their talents in the AP Regional competitions. We took part in both Sports and Literary activities, in both the team and individual events. The students were given rigorous practice under the supervision and guidance of the respective departmental faculty.

A special and nutritious diet for all the selected athletes was provided to increase their energy and fitness levels.

Literary events participants were given special guidance and support by the Dept of English and the management. The students were given ample time to practice for their events. They were provided with all the requirements.

The dedication of the management, staff and students is seen in our achievements!

The selfless service of our Director & Founder Principal Sri Vinayak Kalletla is truly praiseworthy for he provides the best facilities for students.

Total no of Medals in Sports & Literary Events - 85

Over all championship in swimming - Abhyasa

Sports Events Medals Literary Events Medals
Athletics Gold 4 Quiz Sr. Winners Anil Kumar C
Silver 8 D. Sai Ram

Bronze 7

Quiz Jr. Runners up

Sai Rohan

Basket Ball

Third Place (12 Medals)

Anupam Roy

Foot Ball

Second Place (16 Medals)


3rd place Vaishnavi


Gold 12

Creative Writing

3rd Place Anil Kumar C

Silver 4

Bronze 16

Swimming Individual Championship (Sr. Boys ) Anil Goud - Abhyasa - 15 points

Athletes (Sr. Boys) Individual Championship - Hari Krishna - Abhyasa - 15 points

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