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AP Regional Sports meet 2013-2014

After the winning spree at Horlicks with Abhyasa winning the over all championship the next challenge was the A.P Regional Sports Meet which is an equally important event for the sports enthusiasts. The grueling practice sessions began immediately and the whole atmosphere was really charged. It was like Energy flowing in Abhyasa. The day started as early as 4 am and every participant was on the toes and at their respective training places. It was like you were in some military premises. Everything perfectly timed and matched. The winning of Horlicks had given the required momentum and every single person was super charged to bring accolades to themselves and for Abhyasa. With a lot of determination and dedication everyone was giving their 100 percent all out efforts.

As the events started the first reward came with Volley ( Senior Boys ) who won First Place and literally replicated the performance at Horlicks and then everyone was sure that the success was going to be on a much Grander scale. The next in line was Aquatics. The swimming team also gave a total wash out performance and in almost every event we participated, we got a Medal. It was a proud moment for every Abhyasite as we were able to get a whopping 35 Medals in Swimming and to felicitate the victory like a icing on cake we also got the OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP for ICSE Boys and the ISC Boys. A total of 8 members were selected for National level Competitions for Swimming.

The Quiz team also won Second place in the ICSE category and were able to showcase their talents in that field.

Then there was Basket Ball where our boys fought through fierce competition and managed a Silver Medal for the ISC Group and a Bronze for ISC Girls. It was now time for the Athletes to prove their Mettle. It was a Grand event which took place at Gachibowli Stadium.

Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad

(The Grand March Past at Gachibowli Stadium)

All the participants from every event attended the Opening Ceremony and every school was waiting eagerly in anticipation to win in the most prestigious event of the entire Tournament.

Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad

(The “AHA” Moment some Student Receiving Medal)

It was like a do or die situation for Abhyasites and they really took it as their moral responsibility to get the maximum number of Medals in the event. And certainly we were rewarded for all the hardships. A total of 28 Medals were bagged and we missed the over all Championships by mere whiskers.

Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad

The best part is that from an total strength of 450 Students almost a third i.e. 150 students participated to make this event a huge success. And then it was all celebrations. As the team arrived at the gates of Abhyasa with all Cups and Medals they deserved an equally classy welcome. It was Masti Time for everyone.

Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad

A band was called and everyone celebrated their success with loud cheering by the entire school with Staff members also watching proudly and giving blessing to the winners. All in all it was a feather in the cap for Abhyasa.

Abhyasa’s Triumph at Horlicks Competition in Hyderabad

The list of the Winners Follows as Under

Volley Ball :- First Place

1 Akshay Buggani 7 Narender Bassi
2 Vyshnav Kasa 8 Praveen Nayak
3 Saurabh Fuke 9 Rajesh Jetty
4 Bharath Choudary 10 Sai Kiran Reddy
5 Krishna Areti 11 Sri Hari Rao Konda
6 Mahender Choudary 12 Suchit Peddi

Swimming Results

Narender Bassi ( 50 Mts Back Stroke Gold) Senior Group
Ashok Kumar Nayak (50 Mts Butterfly Gold) Senior Group
Sahil Singh (50 Mts Free Style Gold) Senior Group
Akshit Gampa (100 Mts Butterfly Silver) Senior Group
Pranav Sai (50 Mts Breast Stroke Silver) Junior Group
Vaishnavi Macherla (50 Mts Freestyle Silver) Senior Group
Sai Pooja ( 50 Mts Breast Stroke Silver) Senior Group
Kamalika Vyawahare (50 Mts Freestyle Silver)
4x100 Mts Relay Senior Group Gold:-
» Narender Bassi
» Ashok Kumar Nayak
» Sahil Singh
» Suchit Peddi
4x100 Mts Freestyle Relay Junior Group :- Gold Medal
» Faizan Mohammed
» Satwik Pandiri
» Pranav Sai
» Veda Munnangi
4x100 Mts Freestyle Relay Senior Girls:- Bronze Medal
» Sai Pooja
» Vaishnavi Macherla
» Vajra C
» Gayatri Bhoyar
4x100 Mts Freestyle Relay Junior Girls:- Bronze Medal
» Kamalika Vyawahare
» Harini M
» Rukmini Adla
» Sathwika Bonnala
Narender Bassi ( Won Bronze Medal in 100 Mts Freestyle )
Ashok Kumar Naik ( Silver Medal in 50 Mts Breast Stroke) Senior Boys
Paras Ubale ( Bronze Medal in 100 Mts Breast Stroke )Junior
Paras Ubale (Bronze Medal In 50 Mts Breast Stroke) Junior
Sai Kiran Reddy ( Bronze Medal in 100 Mts Back Stroke)
Kamalika Vyawahare (Bronze Medal in 100 Mts Freestyle) Junior Girls
Rukmini Adla (Bronze Medal in 50 Mts Breast Stroke)Junior Girls.
Yashika Marotiya (Bronze Medal in 50 Mts Back Stroke) Senior Girls.
Sai Pooja ( Bronze Medal in 50 Mts Freestyle) Senior Girls
Priya Bharadwaj ( Won Bronze Medal in 100 Mts Backstroke )

Basketball Senior Girls Team won the Bronze Medal :-

1 Bharath Chowdary 7 Sai Dhruv Somayajula
2 Sourabh Fuke 8 Manish Rathod
3 Suchit Peddy 9 Mahesh Rathod
4 Rajesh Jetty 10 Akshay Buggani
5 Krishna Areti 11 Shubham Sharma
6 Sai Krishna Kesari 12 Phaniram Lalpet

Athletics Results :- Senior Group

Radhe Shree Sarda ( Gold Medal in 800 Mts Run, Silver Medal in Triple Jump, and Silver Medal in 3 Km Walk )
Supriya K ( Won Silver Medal in 800 Mts Run )
Nikitha Kakkunuri ( Won Silver Medal in Long Jump )
Kumara Swamy ( Won Gold Medal in Javelin Throw)
Samanvith ( Won Gold Medal in 5 Km Walk )
Phaniram Lalpet (Won Gold Medal in High Jump )
Praveen Nayak (Won Gold Medal in 400 Mts Run)
Samar Simha Reddy ( Won Silver Medal In Discus Throw)
Shreyash Jaiswal (Won Silver Medal in 5 Km Walk )
Rajesh Jetty ( Won Bronze Medal in 1500 Mts Run)
Laxmi Revanth Kumar ( Won Bronze in 800 Mts Run)
Won Silver Medal in 4x100 Mts Relay :-
» Praveen Nayak
» D Sairam
» Rajesh Jetty
» Kumara Swamy

Athletics Results Junior Group ( ICSE Boys and Girls)

Aishwarya Wadiyar ( Won Bronze Medal in 400 Mts Run and Bronze Medal in 800 Mts Run )
Priya Bharadwaj ( Won Bronze Medal in High Jump )
Deepesh Suchak (Won Bronze Medal in Long Jump )
Dheeraj ( Won Bronze Medal in 1500 Mts Run)
Sailesh Puna (Won Bronze Medal in 5 Km Walk )

Quiz Results :- Senior Boys Team Won the Silver Medal :-

Sai Kiran Vaddu
Anupam Roy

Junior Boys Team Won the Bronze Medal :-

Vishal Are
Pradyumna Reddy

So Finally Concluded the events with a Bagful of Medals and with a hope and promise from all the students that the coming year all the Individual Championships as well as the Overall championships also come to Abhyasa….

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