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Anveshana - Mathematics and Science Fest - 2009

135 students….. 9 schools … it was a great grand gala of students at Abhyasa exploring the "ANVESHANA – the Mathematics and Science Festival" conducted by Abhyasa on 07.08.09. Out of Nine Schools, Four participating schools were provided with the transport by Abhyasa and the rest came on their own.

The event started with the participants visiting the Science Exhibition organized by Abhyasa in which exhibits related to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and EED were displayed. One and all expressed that the exhibits were really interesting and informative. To name a few attractive exhibits from the show were:

  • Tan grams in Maths
  • Smoke bombs, Water from Fire in Chemistry
  • Dancing Ball, Hydro Rocket in Physics
  • Hear your Heart Beat; Check your Lung Power and Ear Drum in Biology.

All the participants were welcomed with an Invocation Dance by offering prayers to the Five Elements in the form of a dance at the Priyanka's Play Pen.

Abhyasa thanks - Prof. J.V.Subramaniam, of Vasavi Engineering College and Mrs. Sreedevi, Principal of Gujarati High School, who presided as Judges for the events at Anveshana. The day's proceedings have started with lighting of lamp by the Judges and Mrs.Murthy.

Technology was used to its optimum level by placing Plasma Screens which were networked to computers. Brilliance was exhibited at Quiz by all the participants and they enjoyed the Visual and Rapid Fire Rounds.

A Pop – Off Laboratory of Chemistry was set up on the stage and the gathering was entertained by a Magic Show in which concepts like Fire from Empty Paper, Clouds from Heaven, Magic Liquid were displayed.

While the Magic Show was on – participants enrolled for "Individual contest in Mathematics" moved on to library to show their ability to solve higher order thinking problems.

It was heartening to see the topics selected for the "Science Behind Situation" by the participants like – Vaastu, Neem Tree and its importance, Rangoli's in front of homes and the information shared was quite enlightening as they have brought out age old customs in a nut shell.

The minds of the audience got jammed as – JAM (Just a Minute) started on the stage. The curious thing about the programme was, every participant was asked to choose topics which were unknown to them and spoken for a minute. A total 36 topics were name – to name a few – "Chemistry in Medicine", "Volcanoes and Earthquakes", Pie, GUI (Graphic User Interface), Few Environment Related topics, Pythagoras Theorem, Logic Gates and their use, Bio Fuels, Nano Technology, Tsunami, Power of Internet etc.,

While the JAM was on simultaneously Relay Round in Mathematics was conducted in Library. A set of three problems were given to a team which consisted of three students. The uniqueness of this competition was the solution of the first problem would stand as a clue to the second one and the solution of the second one would stand as the clue for the third one.

The event that has made all the participants to stand at the edge of their seats was the Fancy Dress. The peculiar point with this programme was children dressed themselves as various Scientists or Mathematicians and spoke about the personality that they depicted.

The most amazing thing about Model Presentation was the involvement, interest and the effort that was put in for making the models. To name a few – the Robot Car, The Chandrayan Satellite, Submarine, Working Model of dam etc.

Esteemed judges gave their valuable opinions and suggestions about the whole fest. Prof. J.V.Subramaniam appreciated the interest shown by all the participants in the event. He inspired the participants by sharing his experiences as a mechanical engineer. Mrs. Sreedevi praised all the participants for their effort to participate in Anveshana. She also made remarkable comments about the exhibits displayed by Abhyasites.

It was a pleasure for all the participants to have listened to Sree Chukka Ramaiah M.L.C whose name is name synonymous with IIT – Ramaiah Coaching Centre. He eloquently brought out the difference between the facts and the logical thinking. He advised the students to develop more of logical thinking and reasoning rather than memorizing the facts, which will help them to crack difficult International Olympiads and IITs. He also appreciated Abhyasa for promoting the value oriented education and showing Social Responsibility by undertaking service oriented activities.

After the prizes were distributed – Principal, Mr.Vinayak Kalletla whole heartedly appreciated the participants for coming all the way and spending the day at Abhyasa for Anvesahana. He thanked the teachers for their contribution in motivating the students for various activities of the event. He also thanked the judges for their presence through out the day and evaluating the various evens. He profusely expressed sincere thanks to Sree Chukka Ramaiah garu for gracing the occasion.

Details of Events and Winners:


Event Name

Ist Prize Winners

II Prize Winner

1 Quiz Gitanjali Senior School St.Joseph’s School Habsiguda and
St.Martin’s High School
2 Science Behind Situation H.P.S, Begumpet St.Joseph’s Public School,Kingkoti
3 Maths Individual Contest St.Joseph’s Public School,Kingkoti H.P.S, Begumpet
4 Just a Minute Gitanjali Senior School Kalpha School
5 Math Team Activity H.P.S, Begumpet  
6 Fancy Dress H.P.S, Begumpet Rama Devi Public School
7 Model Presentation H.P.S, Begumpet and
St.Joseph’s Public School
Sherwood Public School






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