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    Annual Sports Day 2017-18

    In every school the most exciting activity is the annual school sports day, In Abhyasa Inter House Competitions between the two houses of the School Shiva & Shakthi was no less exciting than the other activities held on the campus.

    On 12th Nov 2017, Sunday, the winter afternoon is the ideal time for having school sports day. Our school has was many acolades in sports this year. The Inter House sports meet is the testing ground for preparing students to acheieve their goals.

    For this Grand Occasion Rtd.D.G.P. of Andhra Pradesh Sri H.J.DORA, was invited as chief guest. Our School Chairman Roddam Prabhakar Rao Garu, along with Our School C.E.O. & Founder Director Sri Vinaayaka Kalleetla Garu, along with Chief Guest H.J.DORA are taken to the stage with a grand procession of School Student Escorts, Students in Bahuballi army dress, Man-Horses and Skaters along with School Band. The welcome was quite exciting to watch.

    All the Students of the School were standing in troops as per their Management Group or as per their House & Category. The Chief Guest along with Our Chairman Sir & C.E.O. Sir went for inspection of the troops, This was followed by March Past of the Students Lead by Our School Captain, Master. Shivam Kotari, All 9 management groups were lead by their Managers, Deputies, followed by Shiva house & Shakti House with their captains.

    The Chief Guest Mr.H.J.Dora, received Salute from the troops. The troops setteled in their position after which the Managers came forward for Oath of sports Meet. Mr.H.J.Dora garu, Relesed a pigeon to freedom, as a token of peace or liberation. After administration of the oath, the olympic flame was taken round the ground by Five of our ace-athelets and the olympic fire was lit. At the same time the invocation song was coupled with the lighting of lamp.

    Now it is declared as sports meet open.

    Our Beloved C.E.O. Mr. Vinaayaka Kalleetla Garu, introduced the chief guest to the audience as well as read out the Annual sports Report, highlighting the acheivements of the students for the academic year 2017-18.

    The participating students were divided into different groups to perform different sports Displays.

    The ground was seen shimmering in the warm sunlight with flags of different colours fluttering in gentle breeze, to witness the feats exhibited by two houses- Shiva & Shakti.

    The Displays began with a performance by Aalingana (Free School run by Abhyasa for the under previileged children of Toopran) Performance of Drill & Lotus Formation with Colourfull dresses & Wooden Dumbells in hand. The Junior Children performing such a nice formation was beautiful to watch.

    Yoga Students demonstrated different Aasanas & their strength.

    The Young girls of 9th Class displayed Aerobics Dance moves which made everyone go Wow…

    The girls of 7th & 8th Class demonstrated their Fighting skills with Sticks, Bare Hand & Nan Chuks too. As of today self Protection is Crucial & Important to each & everyone, our Girls took the Intiative to make people aware.

    The Tiny Girls of 4th, 5th & 6th did magic with their rythamic Basketball Dribbling skills & Movements. The Rhythm of Girls to the beats was Superb, Mind Blowing.

    Boys of Cricket Team, Hockey & Football Displayed their Game Skills, making everyone thrill.

    Mass Drill of Boys to whistle was Fabulous.

    And Then the Adrenalline filled Atheletic Events, Students doing Military level Drill, as well as Jumping through Fire Ring, made all the audience go nervous & excited.

    Once all the student performances got over, then they sat in the form of a tree, in no time.

    Relay Races for Students and Musical Chair Game for parents were conducted.

    The winners were given medals and cups. All the contestants were given participation certificates. Throughout the year we had lots of activities like football, volleyball, table tennis, etc. The winners of all these events were also awarded on this day. Winners were cheered by the students, staff and parents alike.

    Our Chief Guest Mr. H.J.Dora, gave Speech to children about the importance of Overall Development & Sports Role In Over all development.

    Finally our annual sports day was concluded with the National Anthem.

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