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Social Service Activities

Taking social responsibility into their tiny hands, Abhyasities solely conducted two medical camps on the campus. The first one was conducted on 18th of July under the auspices of its Grama Seva Project, where 700 patients were screened by 13 specialists ranging from Dental, Orthopedic, General Medicine, ENT and Gynecology department and were given free medicines worth Rs..26,000/-. The second one was conducted by the Interact Club of Abhyasa where more than 650 patients were treated by 13 specialists of different wings and medicine up to Rs 27,000/- was given away for free!

To give her students the wings of future, Abhyasa went Global in co-ordination with 'Rotary International' by setting up 'Interact Club of Abhyasa' on 20th September 2008.

The Medical Camp

The Interact Club of Abhyasa, whose Parent club is the Rotary club of Hyderabad North, was officially born on 13th October. Since then, the Interactors have undertaken an activity to serve the needy by organizing a medical camp. This day, 23rd of November, which coincided with Bhagwan Shri Shri Shri Satya Sai Baba's birthday, the interactors divided themselves into 15 groups during the medical camp to serve the patients. These members of interact club extended a hand to all the thirteen doctors who were specialized in Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dental and General Physiology. 'Narayan Seva' was also organized for the patients, where they were provided with a sumptuous lunch. The interact club members took active part as volunteers helping the doctors, managing the dispensaries, the reception counter and acting as general guides to the six hundred odd patients. The program, which began at around 10:00 am had successfully ended at 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

Miss Harshana Rawat

(Class X)

Pulse Polio Campaign

The Interact Club of Abhyasa actively took part in the noble task of assisting the government on 21st of December; the National Immunization Day to administer polio drops. This day signifies the efforts of the government in trying to eradicate the dreadful disease called Polio from every nook and corner of the country. The Interactors got into action, quickly divided themselves into seven groups, covering the following areas in Toopran where the oral polio vaccine was administered to small children below five years of age :

  • The Toopran Library
  • The Gram Panchayat
  • The Ayurvedic Hospital
  • The Maudraj Sangham
  • The Toopran Bus stand
  • The Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC)

Pulse Polio Campaign

The interactors arrived at their concerned sites a and began helping the nurses, either by controlling the children while the vaccine was being administered or by administering the vaccine themselves. The students also benefited from the activity by being able to learn various things about the vaccine and its actual function in the body. The students had even paired up and went around the streets of Toopran, knocking each door to find a small child who was in need of the vaccine and reminded them if they had not. The whole program ended successfully at around 2:00 pm in. We would like to thank our parent club, Rotary Club of Hyderabad North, for making this program an unforgettable experience.

Interactor Pranitha administering the polio vaccine during the
pulse polio program.

Master. Diwakar Raju

(Class XII)


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