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Field Trip - 2009

Abhyasa enlightened the quality of its students learning by conducting field trips to different places in the month of November 2009. The details are as follows:

Class XI & XII Science visited Swasthya – 2009,

An exhibition of Biology organized at Kamineni Hospital, Narkedpally on 07.11.2009 with the help of Dr.Suseela (parent of M.Satwik of Class X). The exhibits were kept in different blocks according to the specialization of the subject like Viral disease – Swine flu, Ophthalmology, E.N.T., General nursing, General medicine, Cardiology, Human anatomy, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pathology, Orthopedics, Radiology and Psychiatry. First they went to the swine flu block, where model of virus, preventive measure of this dreadful disease were learnt. Then they moved on to all the blocks one by one where the students had seen models of working of the eye, correction of eye defects through lenses, Florence Nightingale, different levels of specialization in nursing, various diseases‐their mode of transmission, preventive measures etc. In cardiology block pupils, were explained about angiogram, angioplasty, and reasons for various heart diseases like atherosclerosis, arterioscleroses, and heart attack, stroke and control measures. Then the team proceeded to the most interesting and awaiting block – anatomy block where they observed the dissected frog, various stages of human embryos, human body parts (specimens) like heart, brain, muscles, joints, lungs, kidney, ovary, testis, uterus, skeleton and operated diseased parts like liver cirrhosis, cancerous breast, ovarian cysts, cancerous pharynx and dissected human dead body showing abdominal and thoracic body parts. Later they moved to Gynecology block where the team observed ovary tumor (20kgs), charts showing phases of menstrual cycle, model shows the fertilization implantation and conception, process of delivery depicted through models, birth control methods and Intra Uterine Devices like copper – T loop etc. In pediatrics, they got about child care and nutrition, ICU of new born babies, light therapy and also few maternal care tips. Then we move to the pathology, orthopedics and psychiatry blocks where students have learnt about various types of diseases, mode of transmission, preventive measures, diseases which cannot be cured easily, various types of fractures, X – rays, Prosthetic parts ( Jaipur foot, hand etc.) Mental disorders, causes for mental illness and treatment etc. The team which left Abhyasa at around 2.00 p.m returned to campus at around 5.30 p.m. Students shared their experiences in the Assembly in the next day morning.

Class XI & XII Science visited Swasthya – 2009 Class XI & XII Science visited Swasthya – 2009

On 13.11.2009, Class IX (ICSE and IGCSE) was taken to NIRD students had an experiential understanding of eco friendly practices and rural technology. Students also studied the preparation of data of regular wages and their working hours statistically and how to apply those data to draw histograms, bar graphs, frequency polygons and also in pie charts. NIRD (National Institute for Rural Development) was established in Government of India in Rural Technological Park in Hyderabad in 1999. Its main aim is to sustain the rural development. Students from Abhyasa visited the following units at NIRD.

  • Vermi composting unit
  • Handmade paper unit
  • Solar technology‐solar lantern
  • Leaf plate and cup making
  • Bee keeping and Honey production
  • National building centre

The following are the learning outcomes of the field trip:

  • Students viewed the technique of vermi compost which is useful in soil conservation (organic farming)
  • Students learn the technique of solar lantern, a measure to conserve energy.
  • Students understood the concept of tree free paper.
  • The attitude of respect towards rural practices.

Class IX (ICSE and IGCSE) was taken to NIRD Class IX (ICSE and IGCSE) was taken to NIRD Class IX (ICSE and IGCSE) was taken to NIRD Class IX (ICSE and IGCSE) was taken to NIRD

On 17.11.2009, Class XI & XII students were taken to the Sree Ram Sagar Project

Which is constructed on the river Godavari at about 762 km downstream of Nashik. The catchment area of the dam is 91,750 .The dam is about 13000 cusecs. Sri Rama Sagar happens to be one of the multinational projects, means it not only supplies water to neighboring villages but also generates electricity through hydropower. Water is supplied through canals having the highest capacity .Water resources are distributed to the Nizambad, Karimnagar, Warangal and Nalgonda districts.

The dam has 42 gates. Its length is 956 m and height is 42.672 m .It took us about 3 ½ ‐ 4 hrs to see the entire project. Team Abhyasa were able to see the gates and were lucky enough to see the hydro‐electric power generator. It had huge turbines each producing about 9 MW of power. There were 3 such units and 4th was under construction. It was an awesome experience and all of them were left with was amazement.

Their next stop was “The Nirmal Toys and Arts Industrial”, Adilabad. It was a toyshop where they sold toys crafted from wood and even miniature paintings. Each and every thing on sale ranging from key chains to pen stands to showpieces was handmade. And we were indeed lucky, since we were able to meet the craftsmen and interact with them. We saw the artist behind those beautiful miniature paintings. We were surprised by the perfection of each brushstroke.

At about 5.30pm team started their return to Abhyasa, eager to share the experience with our other schoolmates.

Class XI & XII students were taken to the Sree Ram Sagar Project Class XI & XII students were taken to the Sree Ram Sagar Project

Class VII was taken to Zoological park on 18.11.2009

The subjects that were integrated with this field trip were Biological Sciences, Computer Science, and Languages. The team started at 8.30 a.m in the School Bus along with 2 sumo vehicles. All the necessary arrangements for food were made in advance as the event was well planned in advance. The field trip was well enjoyed by the students as their learning has seen new angles. They watched various kinds of birds, tortoises, Tigers, baboons, apes, wolves, hyenas , jackals, deer, horned stags, 4 lions, bears of Indian Himalayan type, tortoises, alligators, crocodiles, turtles along with a large variety of parrots, peacocks, pigeons, lories which could speak , crowned parrots, doves, pigeons and fowls of strange colours and in strange size too, sloth bear, emus and wild bears. By the time they had lunch.. it rained cats and dogs. Once the sky got cleared they started their learning. African bison, hippopotamus, African giraffe which has been recently brought into this zoo from New Delhi, large number of deer and stags, elephants, variety of love birds chirping on the branches of trees inside the cages, panthers, monkeys of various species etc. were observed by the students. A variety of monkeys such as baboons chimpanzee, lion tailed macaque, sacred baboon, Panther Tigris, jaguar, leopards and sloth bear were awesome. Their next visit was to the reptiles den. On the way to the reptiles den they saw water dogs which were cute and were swimming in the water. Pythons, Russell’s viper, green iguanas, Indian cobras, rat snakes, star tortoises, land monitor lizards, a large variety of huge Indian chameleons and many non venomous snakes. They shared their experiences in the next day’s assembly.

Class VII was taken to Zoological park Class VII was taken to Zoological park Class VII was taken to Zoological park Class VII was taken to Zoological park Class VII was taken to Zoological park Class VII was taken to Zoological park

Class IV & V were taken to Birla Temple and Planetarium and Museum on 19.11.2009.

Students learnt about recognizing and interpreting about space, planets, Milky ways, cosmos, asteroids, comets and Galaxies. This helped to schematize the picture of our Universe whenever they learn about it. This also helped them to estimate the size of the Universe. The students were amazed to experience some of the facts related to Universe.

Class VI were taken to a model village by name “Pothireddy Pet”.

which was awarded as “Indiramma Gramam” by the state government for the period 2006 and 2007 on 21.11.2009. The specialty of this village is they utilize all the benefits of various schemes of state and central Governments and all the citizens of the village get equal opportunity. The students visited the Zilla Parishad School initially. Students observed the how the assembly is conducted in the school. The discipline of the school was commendable. Later the Sarpanch joined team Abhyasa to give a demonstration of the drainage system of the village. Soon after this, team Abhyasa visited the Sneha Bala the primary school of the village, which is sponsored by UNICEF. The school had all modern teaching aids. After the visit, students moved to Sub Primary Health centre, which is again an ideal health centre. Soon after this, team Abhyasa moved to the second Primary school in the S.C. colony which was also maintained very well. The students had a debate with the students, which was a real example for knowledge sharing. Later the students visited an age old temple at Eduvelli, which is also called as Dakshina Kaasi by tge locals. After taking rest for 30 minutes there the students left for Akbarpet which was awarded Nirmal Gram Puraskar by the Central Government for the period 2007 and 2008. It was learnt by the students that it was the Sarpanch that had kept in a lot of hard work to educate the people on using the toilets. Students enjoyed the trip a lot.

Class VI were taken to a model village by name “Pothireddy Pet”, Class VI were taken to a model village by name “Pothireddy Pet”,

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