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Commerce Activity Rocks The Campus On 06.12.2009

Come December and the campus is alive and agog with activity that kindles the spirit of business especially among the senior class students. The busy bodies at their creative best brainstorming for ideas for the name of their company vying for brand ambassadors, launch, promotional activities, etc and get an on hands on concept learnt in the commerce subject. Classes IX and XII joined hands to form “Khalbali – the sensation and classes X and XI partnered to form “Friction”. An additional task of this year’s was to prepare organogram and the prospectus of their respective companies.

It all started with the students going for a market survey. Based on the survey done, both the teams decided their product lines and product range. Movies were shown as part of the promotional activities. Based on their market survey, students prepared their lists of items to be bought. Meanwhile, a 15 member team of Abhyasa made a movie by name “Karz – A story of values”, and the same was placed for auction for the both teams. Team Friction was the highest bidder thus winning the auction. They could make profit over the venture by screening it. A team of 4 members from each team went to Hyderabad for purchases after obtaining consent from their parents and school. Purchases went on for one and half a day. After the students returned from shopping, they made stock ledgers. The concept of preparing Revenue Budgets was taught to them on the previous day of the activity. The balance team members were busy in planning the strategies for conduction of the activity. Once the teams that went for purchasing were back, both the teams finished their pricing and placing strategies in their collective brainstorming. The students were asked to decide the place of the activity. Finally the activity was conducted in the school campus. The activity was a big success. Colours, Charts, Posters, Balloons, Ribbons, Placards adorned the campus… the parents who visited the campus had a wonderful welcome. Khalbali had electronic items, Toys, Chinese Food, Burgers and many other varieties for sale. They placed themselves under the tamarind tree and lo and behold, the placed was electrified there. On the other side, in the Amphitheatre, Friction had their spot where they sold omelet’s, ice creams, noodles, T‐Shirts, Pants, Games many other items. The air was filled with vibrancies. Whole of Amphitheatre was rocked by the team Friction. A big lesson on crisis management was experienced by the students. There was real “Khalbali” due to “Friction” because of the monopolistic competition. Finally, the success of activity was tasted by all. As usual, funds raised will be used for Abhyasa’s village up‐liftment programme. Not to forget the support and spirit of the parents of Abhyasa.

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