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Academic Festivals

The school conducted a Commerce Fest to give hands-on-experience to students of classes IX to XII, right from floating a company, creating a brand name, logo, Brand Ambassadors, Advertising, Marketing, Financing to Practical Accounting.. The students generated a profit of Rs. 75,000/- in one day, to be used for a noble cause. The profit, thus generated will be used for the Grama Seva project.

Anveshna- The Science and Math Fest

Gandhiji once said, "I am not against science but I am afraid of the way it is being directed." Abhyasa has always taken proper care to develop the scientific temper among her students but never encouraged what the Father of the Nation was afraid of.

The Science and Math Fest was organized by Abhyasa on 19th of November in which the schools in and around Hyderabad participated to give us a great and rich experience. The Chief Guest of the competition was Mrs. Srivalli, a software professional at Microsoft. The aim of the Fest was to share knowledge through healthy competition. The fest began with model presentation where the miracles of science seemed to be unfastened around the visitors, enchanting and amazing their inquisitive mind.

Anveshnal The Science and Math Fest

Aditya and Badrinath of classes XI and XII respectively tested every participants' mettle and succeeded in making it a 'fun + learning' experience. This was followed by a debate session on the topic 'Space Exploration sans Social Responsibility, is it really worth it? wherein, heated arguments, accompanied by a message regarding duty towards society, had had a good impact on the tenacious minds of the students.

The greatest danger to the human existence is nothing but the degradation of environment. Considering that aspect, students of all the participating schools took part in the eco-parliament where the major objective was to make students conscious of the brutal actions which the human race has been taking against the environment and the measures taken by current government to tackle the situation.

Numbers, they fascinate some but cause fear and dilemma for many: but this phobia of numbers can be removed through activities. Magic squares- an activity, wherein a number between 31 and 39 can be obtained by adding any four numbers in a 4*4 grid was depicted by Abhyasites impressively, through dance and really rocked the dais.

The eventful day came to an end filled laughter and rejoicing, never to be forgotten.

Magic Square Dance

The magic has been revealed:

The students of class VIII rocking the dais with magic square dance

Master Abhinay Vyas

(Class X)

Children's Day Celebration

14th November, a day looked forward to by all the students for lots of fun and frolic; of course to remember the birth anniversary of free India's first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru or 'Chacha Nehru' as he is fondly called by the kids.

When the sun rose that day, Abhyasites woke up with laughter as this day is usually full of surprises and we were not disappointed throughout the day. The doorways in the dormitory and our cots had all been decorated with balloons and buntings starting off our special day on a joyful note. All of us were allowed to go for games which was a privilege we appreciated immensely and it was followed by Assembly which had a funny twist to it as all the duties usually performed by students such as escorting, giving counts etc.

Children's Day Celebration Children’s Day Celebration

The teacher in-charge of Assembly for the day-Uday Vora of class XII was escorted by the 'children' of the day - Mr.Shashank and Kailash (teachers from the English dept.) and all the teachers singing the prayer song in the Abhyasites' style and even sportively performed the march past! The teachers had us rolling with laughter in the aisles-and can we ever forget the delicious, mouth-watering lunch prepared by our teachers with love and care and served to us with their own hands? Hmmm…. just the thought of that lunch, has my mouth watering. In the afternoon, our Principal addressed us and spoke about living our childhood to the fullest extent, enjoying every moment of it.

Then came the event that every Abhyasite was waiting for! The cultural program, this year, it was filled with a variety- dance, drama, music, action, thrill and what-not from our strict, yet ever-caring teachers! No student would ever miss this gala event for anything in the world! In fact, this program was a very clear example of our Principal's address that afternoon.

Miss Pranita A.

(Class X)

Commerce Activity 2008-2009

The day dawned when the junior businessmen of Abhyasa were into deal, at the Picnic spot on the day of the Parent's picnic (Allapur). Classes 9, 10, 11 & 12 were involved in this activity in which the primary motive of all the teams was to pioneer their Brand names and promote their brands effectively to win the hearts of the customers. This support from the customers (Parents) would help these teams sell their products effectively on the day of the Commerce Activity. Class 9 had named their brand as INFERNO, Class 10 CHILLIN and Class 11&12 named their brand as FLAME TO FAME. All the teams promoted their brands successfully. Finally on December 7, all the teams set up their stalls at the Picnic Spot and sold a wide variety of products that included food, fashion accessories and clothing. On that day, all the teams conducted many games to entertain the parents. All the parents were very appreciative of the arrangements for the activity. The accounting process was efficiently handled under the guidance of the Commerce Department headed by Mr.Sashi Sekhar, Mr.Hareen Kumar, Mr.Tarun Kumar and Ms.Padmaja. This activity also proved to be a good learning experience as the students gained hands-on experience in internalizing concepts such as marketing, advertising, financing, accounting etc. The students also proved their creativity and created a neck-to-neck competition by introducing many new products and ideas during the activity. The prime motive of any business is to gain profits- but the profits generated by this activity goes for a noble cause i.e. for Arpan-Abhyasa's Gramseva program to help the Poor and needy. This time, a record figure of Rs. 75,000 has been collected by way of profit, in just a day!

Food 'n' Fashion-Running head to head Sorry! No more bargaining!

Master K.E.K.Shashank

(Class X)

Field Trip Details

This semester, Abhyasa visited various places in and around Hyderabad to focus on learning through experiencing various aspects like marketing, energy conservation, etc.

The places where students of Abhyasa visited are:

S.NO Date Class Subject Place of visit Teacher Name Description (Knowledge gained)
1 26-11-08 XI & XII Biology Osmania University, Medical College Mrs. Srilatha To observe various body organs and phenomena in much practical manner.
2 27-11-08 IX EED / Commercial
Green Building Mrs. Rajarani Agarwal
Miss Padmaja
Mr. S. N. Singh
Learning Eco Friendly technology, majorly about water conserving techniques and energy conserving methods.
3 10-12-2008 X EED / Geography/
Green Building /Ravi Foods Miss.S. Jyothi
Mr. Sai Ram
To focus on conservation if energy and also to know conventional methods in manufacturing bakery products.
4 11-12-2008 XI & XII Physics /
Fenner India Ltd &
Ravi Foods
Mr. C.V. K. Sastry
Mr. RaviKumar
Learning industrial process related to manufacturing of automobile spare parts.
5 12-12-2008 IV & V Science / Social /
Languages /
Shilparamam /
Birla Science Museum
Mrs. P.V.K. Jyothi
Miss. Kavitha
Miss. Aishwarya
To experience various miracles of nature present all around you and reasons why they happen.
6 15-12-2008 VI Language /
Maths / Social
Budha Vihar /
Planetorium /
Science Museum
Mrs. Anitah Dubey /
Mrs. Mahananda
Miss. Sai Sahana
To collect information related to Buddhism and understanding various models at the Museum
7 16-12-2008 VIII Language Sweekar Upkar Mr. Kailas
Mrs. Leelavathi
Mr. S. S. Reddy
Interaction with various students who are physically challenged;to learn various processes in a food manufacturing industry.
8 18-12-2008 VII Science / Maths Zoo /
Birla Planetarium /
Science Museum
Mr. Andrews  /
Miss.  Aravindai
Mr. Dilip
To learn about habitat of species usually present in the Indian forests.

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