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What is a Public School?

What is a Public School

A 'Public School' in India is a School which is mainly residential and is organized as an educational settlement for adolescents, which, because it aims at the full maturing of personality, provides varied equipment, organization and opportunities for such maturing – particularly, for academic work up to a certain standard; for varied physical activity, especially team games, athletic and physical training; for as large as number of arts, crafts, hobbies and cultural activities as possible; for training in democratic techniques, social service and normal labour; and for effective health supervision; which is staffed by men and women who are specially qualified, able and keen to carry out the extremely varied work, are adequately paid and well looked-after; where no distinction of caste, creed or class is permissible either in the admission, in the school or in the actual life in the school, and where the sole life-pattern is based on Indian life and culture".

-An unsigned Memorandum printed at Scindia School, Gwalior in 1953.

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