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During the last ten years, Abhyasa has not only created many economic opportunities in Toopran, but also brought this village into limelight by drawing well-known personalities and people from all over the world. Of late, I also see an interest in social responsibility among the people of Toopran after seeing Abhyasa students take up so many services and activities for poor people like us.

Peguda Bala Kishtaiah,

A Septuagenarian, Toopran village.

"I am very happy with the performance of the school, especially the creative aspects of the teaching-learning processes…the use of theatre in class room for making abstract topics interesting is commendable."

Mr. T. Vijay Kumar,

IAS (then) commissioner, school Education 26th August, 1999 Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

"Some Schools are trying the spiritual path to create better students and citizens…Abhyasa (practice) is one such Gurukul trying to create a value – based education system… A rare combination- of science and spirituality, of computers and chemistry, of karate and karma, of physics and philosophy, of yoga and yagnas, of Vedas and websites, of meditation and multimedia - all at one place."

As opined by The Deccan Chronicle.

Published on 21 May 2000

Abhyasa residential school is imparting value-based education to young students. We are very happy to note the excellent training being given to children in our Indian Culture and Heritage. This is what Swami Vivekananda dreamt of! It is our earnest prayer that this institution grows in quality and quantity, year after year…

Swamy Paramarthananda

Former head Ramakrishna Mission, Hyderabad.

We would like to convey our congratulations to your school community for being awarded the Jagadguru Shankaracharya's Gold Medal for outstanding services in the field of School Education. You deserve the commendation as Abhyasa is amongst the most innovative and creative schools in the country.

Francis Fanthome, M.P.,

(Then) Secretary and chief Executive.

Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations New Delhi,

Today, information via satellite and internet is bringing the whole world into homes, making them no longer safe for a child's psychological health. A child needs better discipline and constant guidance to choose the right things in life. After my 35 years of experience in day schools, I find that Abhyasa students accept instructions readily because there is uniformity in lifestyle in a residential school than at home. An ideal Home cannot be replaced, but I feel that Abhyasa can replace an ideal home!

Ms. P. L. N. Murthy

Retired Headmistress. The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. Advisor. Abhyasa School

Abhyasa School is indeed a Saraswathi Temple. It is sweet. It is all melodious. It is a real bliss to be in its premises. The students are being shaped into great learners of knowledge with absolute discipline and devotion. I am yet to see such an institution and experience the bliss in the presence of students…

Mahamahopaadyaya Dr. Nookala Chinna Sathyanarayana

Carnatic Musician

I think, I should get married as soon as possible and have a kid soon, at least to join him here ! Abhyasa – "The Perfect School" is an understatement so much of fun, so much of creativity in teaching, so much of play, good food, good peers and so much of care…. Swami (Baba) has indeed created ideal students in its founders!

V. Sai Kiran

Movie Artiste, Telugu and Tamil Films

I was thrilled with the intelligence levels and the performance of Abhyasa students, during the personality development programme that I conducted in the school campus. It is an ideal school for all-round personality development.

Yendamuri Veerendranath

Writer, Personality Development Trainer

I was thrilled with the intelligence levels and the performance of Abhyasa students, during the personality development programme that I conducted in the school campus. It is an ideal school for all-round personality development.
Ch. Suman

Managing Director, ETV Eenadu Television

I belong to the 1st batch of Abhyasa and secured 91% in ICSE-2000 exams. Life has been a roller coaster ride but it was at Abhyasa that I began to evolve into a mature and sophisticated individual that I am today. The values that the school has given, still help me to bolster my image and I am extremely grateful to my Alma mater for giving me the most precious moments in my life !

Shouri Kamatala

Alumnus – Abhyasa B.Tech(Mech.) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai.



I am proud that my son is an Abhyasite. He was an average student in Dubai. But at Abhyasa he has been moulded in an enthusiastic, bright student -a 180* change.

Ms. Marian D' souza

Quality Specialist, Dubai Holding, Dubai, UAE.

Abhyasa can be epitomised as a breeding home for brilliance, excellence and future leaders. You have to believe a father. There are many such friends who have realised their dreams here.

Jayanta M. Baruah

Grandson Of Late Bharath Ratna Gopinath Bordoloi (Founder CM of Assam State)

I can confidently say that Abhyasa's approach in handling children is highly child centered and the environment enables all-round development of a child. My son Sai Ram (Class VI) was intellectually fine, but his emotional and social development took place only at Abhyasa. His self esteem and confidence are on a high and I am very relaxed ever since Abhyasa became the de facto guardian of my only child !

Dr. D. Laxmi Rani

Consultant Child Protection, UNICEF
Presently at Republic of Maldives



Initially, I used to play like any ‘Gully Cricketer’. After joining Abhyasa, I was polished into a professional player and won many certificates. There are many such friends who have realized their dreams here.

Himanshu J. Chhattani, (Class IX-B)

Hails from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.


Parents’ Profiles

Cilarapu Damodar Raja Narasimha- Father of Ms. C. Trisha (Student of Abhyasa from 2004 – 2010), is the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He hails from Medak district in Andhra Pradesh and has been representing his constituency – Andole – in the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly for the last 20 years.

Cilarapu Damodar Raja Narasimha

Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Suchitra Ella – Mother of Dr. Jalachari Ella and Mr. Raches Ella (Both studied at Abhyasa from 1997 – 2000). She is the Joint Managing Director at Bharat Biotech International, Hyderabad. She is a nominated Founding Chairwoman of the Indian Woman Network of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). She is currently the Chairperson of CII Andhra Pradesh State Council for the year 2012 – 13. She had earlier been elected to the CII Andhra Pradesh Council.

Dr. Suchitra Ella

Chairperson of CII Andhra Pradesh State Council

Boda Raja Ram I.R.S. – Father of Ms. Vidya Boda (Studied in Abhyasa from 2003 – 2008), Teja Boda (Studied at Abhyasa from 2003 – 2010) and Jeevandeep Boda (Studied at Abhyasa from 2005 – 2012). He hails from Jaripatka, Nagpur, Maharashtra. He is the Income Tax Commissioner at Mumbai, Maharashtra State.

Boda Raja Ram I.R.S.

Income Tax Commissioner at Mumbai, Maharashtra State.

Mr. Dilip Jadhav – Father of Jai Jadhav (Student at Abhyasa from 2002 – 2007), Hails from Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur. He is the Director of Shiva Priya Group of Companies and has also been a Member of Parliament (1999 – 2004). He is the President of Trade Industries of Maharashtra.

Mr. Dilip Jadhav

President of Trade Industries of Maharashtra

Wing Commander S.K. Murthy – Father of an all-rounder student, Sai Dhruv (Student of Abhyasa from 2007 – 2014). Mr. Murthy is currently serving as an instructor at the Indian Air Force at the Dundigal Air Force Academy, near Hyderabad.

S.K. Murthy

Wing Commander, Indian Air Force

Dr. D. Lakshmi Rani – Mother of D.Sai Ram (Student of Abhyasa from 2005 – 2014) and currently livesin Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. She is a consultant at the United Nations Development Programme and has worked in Mali and Kabul for UNICEF, International Labour Organisation and United Nations Population Fund.

Dr. D. Lakshmi Rani

United Nations Population Fund.

Sri Sudhir Bhai Goyal – Father of Ms. Gori Goyal (Student of Abhyasa from 2007 – 2013) Hailing from Ambodeya village, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Originally a trader at Ujjain, Sudhir Bhai was inspired to found the Swadham Ashrama Ujjain which takes care of leprosy patients who have been discarded by their family members.

Sri Sudhir Bhai Goyal

Swadham Ashrama

Ms. Qaisra Nazeen – Mother of Sahil Chahal (Student of Abhyasa from 2005 – 2011). She was born in Sindh state of Pakistan and later moved to live in kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as an Education Consultant. She currently works as a teacher near Cambridge, on the outskirts of London, United Kingdom.

Ms. Qaisra Nazeen

Education Consultant

Mr. Tribhuvan Sachdeva – Father of Raghav Sachdeva (Student of Abhyasa 2008 – 2012) hials from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Sachdeva is a reputed tax consultant and lawyer, who holds several positions in the sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations in the capacity of a trustee and an educationalist at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Trust.

Mr. Tribhuvan  Sachdeva

Tax Consultant and Lawyer

Mr. D. Gautham – Father of Siddharth Dathrik (Studied at Abhyasa from 1998 – 2005) is a Chartered Accountant at Hyderabad. He is also a member of many service organizations and officiated as the District President of The Rotary Club of Hyderabad. His son Mr. Siddharth is also currently a Chartered Accountant in Hyderabad.

Mr. D. Gautham

District President of The Rotary Club

Dr. Samuel Deendayal is a well-known ENT surgeon at The Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and the Founder of Alankritha Resorts – a 5 star resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad – Winner of several Tourism awards. He is the proud father of Arjun Deendayal (Student at Abhyasa from 1999 - 2004) who is a Gold medalist in Hospitality and currently runs Alankritha Resorts, Shamirpet, Hyderabad.

Dr. Samuel Deendayal

Alankritha Resorts

Dr. Mamatha Deendayal – Daughter of the Iconic Late Dr. Mayadevi Shenoy and mother of Arjun Deendayal. She is a well known Gynecologist and Obstetrician Doctor who runs a Fertility clinic at Secunderabad.

Dr. Mamatha Deendayal

Fertility clinic at Secunderabad.

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