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    Abhyasa School President’s Birthday Celebrations

    On 28th June 2017 in Blueshed of Abhyasa campus, All the School Children celebrated Birthday of Sri.Rangadas Kalletla garu. It has been a delightfull evening for everyone as it was a most extravagant event at Abhyasa Campus.

    The whole campus was decorated for the welcome of the Grand Parents of Abhyasa Mr. & Mrs.Rangadas Kalletla garu. The Couple arrived Campus by evening. The Programme started with Pooja at Campus temple, followed by Pada Pooja of Parents by our beloved C.E.O. Mr.Vinaayaka Kalletla.

    After that Couple along with Vinaayaka Sir, were welcomed to Blueshed by group of Dancers, while all the children of Abhyasa were wishing them through the way. Blue shed was beautifully decorated with bright lights & Stunning hangings etc.

    The Couple Mr.Rangadas Kalletla garu & Mrs.Padmavathi garu along with Vinaayak Sir were entertained with series of performances by students. The first performance was Bharatanatyam Dance by Ms.Sohana of 8th grade, which was an extra ordinary one to grace. Her gracefull gestures & moments made all the audience go wow…. It was Really Mind Blowing Performance. Master.Akshay Mitra from class XI, Rocked the stage with his Violin Play, Proving the crest of talent in Abhyasa. After Akshay Mitra’s Brilliant performance Group of 8th & 9th class Girls given Mangala harathi of the couple while dancing. It was Impressive & Heart touching one.

    Beautiful cake was brought for the birthday boy. Mr.Rangadas Kalletla garu cut the cake while the whole school was singing wishes for his long life.

    A special Dinner followed by the programme, The speciality, is all the dishes were carefully made by the students for the night for the Beautiful couple. This was the day of not only celebration but also the day of exploring the talents of Abhyasa.

    It was a day of memory not only for the children but also to the Couple, they were delighted &wished all the children for their bright future.

    Thanks to Mr.Rangadas Kalletla garu & his family to spare the time and celebrate a precious occasion with us…

    Abhyasa School President's Birthday Abhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's BirthdayAbhyasa School President's Birthday

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