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Abhinaya Dance Fest 2014

Indian Classical Dance should always be a part of our school-activities. This Art is not only the quintessence of Sweetness, Beauty and Power of our eternal Culture, but it is also a prayer and meditation, attracting divine Blessings, happiness and peace of mind.

To counterbalance today's tough competition and the need to acquire best marks in school, in spite of a difficult syllabus, Dance and Music play a very important role. They soothe and relax the minds of over-stressed school-children and at the same time they educate the children and stimulate their concentration and creativity.

Indian Classical dances have its own rich tradition, immediately touching the heart, which has made them popular even far outside the country. And many foreign students are showing their interest in learning this art.

In the above context we organize and celebrate dance fest, in our Abhyasa International Residential School. Since it is a valuable treasure, and we at Abhyasa always like to keep the traditions alive. Cultural education also promotes further interest and helps discover talents among students. Thus some students may find their vocation in Indian Classical Dance If one wants to learn this important part of our Vedic culture one comes across countless disciplines, which enrich and refine the human personality and make it more and more divine. The program was conducted on 9th of February, Sunday and Chief Guest Mr Bhagvatula Sethuram Garu who is an excellent performer in Kuchipudi as well as a Professor at Telugu University presided over.

Bhagavathula Sethuram first performed at the age five as Prahald in the Kuchipudi Yakshaganam Bhakta Prahalda.

Abhinaya Dance Fest   Abhinaya Dance Fest
Abhinaya Dance Fest   Abhinaya Dance Fest
Abhinaya Dance Fest   Abhinaya Dance Fest
Abhinaya Dance Fest

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