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A Man with Golden Feet

Mast Samanvith of Abhyasa International Residential School studying in class XI, proven that he is born with special abilities and Golden Feet. This year he created History by bagging a Gold Medal in the National Athletics meet which was held at Thrissur Kerela in 5 Kms Walk. He received a very Grand and Traditional welcome when the team came back to school . A band was called and a big garland was arranged for him. The entire school was present at the gate and everyone danced to celebrate his triumph. He made us all proud by setting an example that anything is possible and achievable if you are ready to do the hard work and determination. The kind of passion, dedication and zeal that he displayed gave him his truly deserved victory. He woke up every day at 4 am and did his practice even in the holidays, which is the reason why he is being rewarded a well deserved success in such a huge event.

You made us all proud Samanvith . We all wish you many more such glories and success through your life and may there be no limits to your achievements.

Samanvith with his precious Gold Medal after the event.

Samanvith with his precious Gold Medal after the event.

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