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“Space is your future, get involved” - Sunita Williams

To provide this opportunity to our students we started Space Club in our school. This club encourages the students to seek clarification and ask question thereby increasing their scientific temperament and reasoning ability. To begin with, the students will be introduced to the fascinating world of Astronomy through programme ACS – 02B; “Astronomy for Beginners.” This programme consists of various sessions, which are conducted within, as well as outside the school. The programme ACS-02B consists of 10 sessions, with this programme the students will primarily learn and realize the extent of Astronomy in their day to day life, Identify various scientific phenomenons associated with celestial bodies, understand there motion in the sky and perform experiments and observations as Space scientists. The students will also learn how to identify celestial objects in real sky and real time and also how to focus a telescope on a celestial object.

JOBL August
Time 24-12-11
Seasons August
Earth, Moon and Sun 28-11-11
Scaps 24-12-11
Directions 9-11-11
Hands on Telescope 28-11-11
Evening observation through Telescopes 09-11-11
Real time Night Sky observation January

This year we conducted a special project work on the occasion of winter solstice on 23-12-11. Solstices students find the sun angle on this particular day.

Students Comments:

Master Sai Mrinal Reddy of VII B class says that “It was very enjoyable and interesting to be a part of Space Club and also says that let the future Indian Scientists. Mrinal Reddy find the mystery of Bermuda Triangle”, last but not least Space Club is excellent.

-- Master Sai Mrinal Reddy, VII B

Many knowledgeable sessions with an amazing Astronomy kit and friendly teachers.

I learnt about many exciting topics like:

  • In the first session, I learnt about the solar system, some galaxies, stars and etc.
  • In one of the sessions, they brought telescopes and divided us into several groups and we saw the moon and its craters.
  • We did an experiment that showed us that, our shadow moves almost every second and it moves about a micron or 2 microns per second, but every 5 minutes we see the shadow move almost a centimeter.
  • We even used the Sundial for knowing the time
  • We learnt about the Earth, Sun, Moon as a trio

Fund, Exciting, Enjoyable, Knowledgeable and informative.

    Digvijay, VII B
Abhyasa students at the Space Club Activity...   Abhyasa students at the Space Club Activity...
Abhyasa students at the Space Club Activity...

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