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Abhyasa has been giving a special importance for experiential learning across various subjects. One of the examples for this is the Commerce Activity which is conducted during the second semester of the year. Let us know the details of the activity in a vivid manner. This time it is the village Donthi, which witnesses the zeal and energy of the students.

The little businessmen are back again with their creative concepts and business tactics. This time it is IMPRESSIONZ (Class 11) Vs BITZ (Class 9). Classes 10 and 12 were given special importance as they have to prepare for their boards and hence they were away from the activity.

To initiate the activity, the commerce department under the supervision of Dean of Academics has conducted a work shop for the students of class 9 and 11 on the concept “How to Build A Resume”. All the students were given two days time and they were made to build their resumes. A recruitment advertisement was released by both the companies for the various posts across their companies and a mock interview session was held as per the advertisement. The response was excellent as the resumes made by the students were quite professional and the way the students answered the questions in the interviews was brilliant. The eligible candidates were picked up and they were given away the appointment letters in the next day’s assembly which boosted the confidence of the students.

After learning the Human Resource Management part of the activity, the students were asked to conduct the market survey to know the pulse of the customers and to get ready for procuring various items for their activity. Later the students were asked to prepare time line sheets and different budgets for their companies. Revenue Budgets, Cost Budgets were prepared by the students. The promotion activities made the customers spell bound and the advertisements were awesome. Team Impressionz has released their company name and logo on 11.11.11 at 11.11 am. The assembly sessions gave the kids an excellent platform to showcase their talents in advertising their products and sales promotion offers. The campus was made colourful with the advertisements released by the students. Students have conducted a disco session and a dance concert, have shown different movies and their skills of organizing and managing the events were continuously monitored and they were guided by the Team Commerce on a regular note.

Prior to the day of the activity, the students were taken to the picnic spot so that they know and understand the importance of logistics in a business. They were made to chose appropriate place for their business activity which is inclined towards learning. All the students were made to prepare a list of requirements that are needed for the next day’s activity and they were arranged.

On the day of the activity, students displayed their talents, skills and dynamism in selling various items and made the activity a big grand success. Their counter management, cash management, the ways they adopted to attract the consumers and promotion techniques to beat the opponent’c camp were excellent. All the training given to them yielded very good results in learning the concepts of Commerce, Business, Accounts, Marketing Management, Public Relations and Administration and Organizing.

As the activity was going on, there were good entertaining programmes conducted for the parents at a separate camp. Thanks to our parents who have made this a successful with their participation filled with energy. Student achievers were called upon and they were acknowledged for their achievements. There was good interaction between the parents and the administrators of the school. All the queries and suggestions from parents were well received. As it was dusk, all the students were brought back to campus. Another day has been marked in the history of Abhyasa and for students with a great learning.

Let us see some of the glimpses of the event...

Team Impressionz...   Ring Game by Blitz...
Team Impressionz...   Ring Game by Blitz...
Games for parents...   The little businessmen at work...
Games for parents...   The little businessmen at work...

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