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Miss Natasha Flason

Miss Natasha Flason joined Abhyasa in the year 1996 in class eight, the very year of Abhyasa’s inception. Natasha was an all-rounder - good at academics, creative writing, art, singing and dance too! A voracious reader, Natasha, wrote excellent essays. She was always soft-spoken and caring. She was popular amongst all the juniors as she related to them well. ‘A French National with Indian Culture’, is how we can describe Natasha. She always made it a point to visit her alma mater whenever she visited India. She loved to be amongst small children and whenever she visited school, she would request to permit her to narrate stories to them. She passed out of the portals of Abhyasa in the year 2000-the first ICSE batch.

She had taken up various assignments in her professional career and she was a self-reliant and Self-made person. After many trials and tribulations in her life, she had found the placement she was looking for. She was the executive assistant to Ken Talbot, Australia’s mining tycoon.

Just when things were looking up for Natasha, a tragedy occurred in the form of a plane crash on 21st June 2010. She was travelling in a chartered flight from Younde with fellow Sundance Resources staff and all the eleven persons died.

Natasha will always remain in the hearts of all Abhyasites forever.


Natasha will always remain in the hearts of all Abhyasites forever.   Natasha will always remain in the hearts of all Abhyasites forever.

As Mary during Christmas programme.


The confident student Leader
French National with Indian Culture.

Natasha will always remain in the hearts of all Abhyasites forever.

Natasha Flason, Craig Oliver, Ken Talbot and Geoff Wedlock in Cameroon before the flight.
Picture: ABC News   Source: The Australian.

All Round Personality Development

Mr Talbot was on the chartered flight from Yaounde with fellow Sundance Resources staff chairman Geoff Wedlock, chief executive Don Lewis, directors Craig Oliver and John Jones, company secretary John Carr-Gregg and Executive Assistant Natasha Flason.

The aircraft had been chartered by Western Australian-based mining company Sundance Resources for a tour of its Mbalam iron ore project in northwest Congo-Brazzaville.

THE devastated family and friends of French-born Natasha Flason will remember her for her generosity, beauty and personal strength.

Natasha_FlasonKen Talbot, when their plane plunged into a jungle in west Africa, killing all on board.

The 26-years old personal assistant was travelling with the Sundance Resources board and her boss, Queensland mining magnate Ken Talbot, when their plane plunged into a jungle in west Africa, killing all on board. In a statement yesterday, Ms Flason's family said her death as "almost impossible to believe".

"She was known among her friends as a beautiful, loving, intelligent and generous person, with huge conviction for personal growth and the strength to overcome adversity," the statement said. " Natasha Flason lived all over the world and enjoyed immersing herself in new cultures." The young woman's vibrancy and zest for life was shared by her younger sister, Tatiana, an aspiring model and entrant in last year's Miss Universe Australia pageant. In honour of her lost sister, the 21-year-old yesterday posted a photograph of the two beauties on her Facebook page. The 26-year-old began working for Mr Talbot just a few months ago. Fluent in English, French and Italian, she had also acted as the group's interpreter during their mission.

The family also noted Ms Flason's reputation as an "extremely hard worker".

"She excelled in her studies and loved literature and art," the statement said. "Natasha worked for Ken Talbot as his personal representative. They had an excellent professional relationship in which Ken Talbot acted as a mentor to Natasha. She was an aspiring young executive who planned to study at Harvard."

Friends have also established an online memorial on Facebook to share their grief. Sabine Steffen wrote how impressed she was meeting Ms Flasonfor the first time the day before the group's Africa mission. "(She was) an outstanding young woman, she will be dearly missed by everyone who knew her."

Ms Flason moved from Paris to the Gold Coast suburb of Nerang with her family in 2004. She is survived by her partner Rene, mother Irene and sister Tatiana. Her father died when Ms Flason was younger.

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