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Language Fest Report

"Vaangmayaananda Hela"

Tradition, Culture, Literature and Fashion – one might be wondering whether it is possible to experience all these on one platform within a span of 8 hours. Abhyasa discharged a scintillating experience of the same kind to all its family members and the participants on the 09th of July 201, the day of the Literary Fest – the first inter school activity in the diary of Abhyasa. The arrangements for the fest were planned well in advance. There were three competitions in the “Vaangmayaananda Hela” – the Literary Fest of 2010-2011, namely (1) Script Writing, (2) Dance for the famous Annamayya Sankeertanas and (3) The Fashion Parade. The number of participating was schools in the fest, was 11, including the teams from Abhyasa.

Thanks to the stage management group who decorated the stage in an extra-ordinary manner which depicted Tradition, Culture, Literature and Fashion. Abhyasa has arranged transport to some of the participating schools who were picked up from their schools and dropped back after the event. Eminent personalities were called to judge the events. Mrs.Geetha Syam Sundar, Mrs.B.Rajeswari, and Mr. and Mrs.Aruna Bhikshu judged the events of Script Writing and the Dances for the Annamayya Sankeertanas. All the judges were shown the chosen clippings of the story board for script writing, “The Fakir” once they arrived on the campus. This story board “The Fakir” was a product by the respected Principal, Mr.Vinayak Kalletla.

The judges and the participants were accorded a traditional welcome at the venue with the “Naadaswaram” playing in the background. The anchors, Master Shreyas Gampa and Miss Anusha started off with a bang! After the Judges initiated the programme by lighting the lamps at the lotus feet of the Lord, invocation followed in the form of a traditional dance in the Bharatnatyam style. The dancers were graceful and won the hearts of all gathered there. This was followed by Annamayya Sankeertanas expressed in dance form. Amazing performances from the participants was witnessed by a One-Act plays in Hindi followed next. The stage sense shown by all the participants was incredible. The message delivered by all the teams was very thought provoking. As these events were on at Prinyanka’s Play Pen, the script writing competition was held at the Katya’s Korner using the smart class to screen the story board. After the one act plays, it was time for feedback. All the judges, teachers and students from all the participating schools expressed their views about the fest. All of them congratulated Abhyasa as a responsible institution who had been conducting many fests like this. It was time for lunch and everybody was invited to the “Aahara” block. “Atidhi Devo Bhava” guests are equal to God was demonstrated by Abhyasites through their immaculate hospitality.

After the delicious lunch, it was time for the Fashion Show. One of the renowned fashion icons of the twin cities, Mr.Zubin Wakil was the chief judge of the event. The first of its kind in the history of Abhyasa, it was a great event for all the participants. Lights dazzled and the ramp sizzled with the models walking on the ramp from various schools wearing mind blowing traditional and western outfits. Judges were very impressed with the show. There was a second round – the personality round for all the participants, which tested the presence of mind and confidence of all the models. It was great news when the judges declared that Abhyasa had won both the Mr. and Miss ICSE schools of Hyderabad. The Prinyanka’s play pen had seen the real charm of joy while the prizes were distributed by the guests to all the winners. Mr.Zubin Wakil addressed the gathering and praised Abhyasa for initiating the sense of fashion at an early stage in the school. A group photo was taken to cherish the memory of the event with all the participants. All the members left for the day carrying a great experience and remarkable learning, after the snacks were served by Team Abhyasa.

List of Participating Schools in the Literary Fest “Vaangmayaananda Hela 2010 – 2011”.

  • Geetanjali Devshala
  • St.Martin’s High School
  • Sherwood Public School
  • The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet
  • Ramadevi Public School
  • The Hyderabad Public School, Kadaka
  • St.Joseph’s School, Habsiguda
  • St.Josehph’s School, King Koti
  • Geetanjali Senior School
  • Abhyasa Residential School

Results of Literary Fest “Vaangmayaananda Hela – 2010 – 2011”.


Name of the School



1 Abhyasa Residential School Dance competition for Annamayya Keertans 1st Position
2 St.Joseph’s Public School, Habsiguda 1st Position
3 Ramadevi Public School 2nd Position
4 Abhyasa Residential School Hindi One – Act Play 1st Position
5 St.Joseph Public School, King Koti 2nd Position
6 The Hyderabad Public School, Kadapa 3rd Position
7 Sherwood Public School Telugu Script Writing 1st Position
8 Geetanjali Senior School, Begumpet 2nd Position
9 St.Martin’s High School 2nd Position
10 Geetanjali Devshala Hindi Script Writing 1st Position
11 Abhyasa Residential School 2nd Position
12 St.Joseph Public School, King Koti English Script Writing 1st Position
13 Geetanjali Devshala 2nd Position
14 Abhyasa Residential School Fashion Show (both Western and Indian rounds) 1st Position

Let us have a look at the glimpses of the Vaangmayaananda Hela…

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