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Ice Breaking Function…

What is life without a friend? Abhyasa always believes in demonstrating its values through all the activities that run on the campus. One of such programmes that were conducted was the Breaking the Ice Programme. All the new students are attached with buddies so that they are acclimatized to the life, systems and rules at Abhyasa. Under the supervision of Activity Management Team, all the senior students have done a magnificent job to entertain the new entrants. There were dances that rocked the stage, songs that stimulated the hearts and what not… the new entrants had enjoyed them forgetting the pain of their separation from their parents. Lots of joy, smiles and love spread over the campus with consoling and budding friendships. Principal addressed all the parents who are new to Abhyasa and had explained about Abhyasa’s way of educating the children. Following are the glimpses of the event…

Investiture Ceremony

The longest of day the year, the 21st June of 2010, the birthday of Abhyasa was spent with all the six core values being demonstrated by all Abhyasites. The day started with Nagarsankeetran, where the team was lead by the Vice Principal Academics – Mr.Sastry. After Nagar Sankeetran, all the students were given enough practice under the guidance of Vice Principal – Mrs.Veena Venugopal and the school advisor Mrs.Murthy. Once the perfection was observed after the meticulous practice, students did not lose on their time and went back to their classes. Abhyasa has always proved to be an excellent host by inviting eminent personalities to the campus. This time it was Mr.L.V.Subramnyam, Principal Secretary of Finance, Government of A.P. who visited the campus as the Chief Guest of the programme along with Mr.Prabhakar Rao, Chairman of Board of Governors, Abhyasa.

The programme started with a scintillating dance performance the girls preying Lord Ganesha. The chief guest was introduced to the students by Mr.Vinayak Kalletla, to the audience. Later followed the most important programme, the investiture ceremony conducted by the Chief Guest. Master Kranthi Kumar has taken oath as School Captain as Master Dipin, Master Raghav Sachdev, Master Sahit Bandi and Miss Anusha being band of supporters as Vice-Captains. Students who were elected and took oath as Managers for various divisions were as follows:

Academics -- Miss Prinyanka Sonone
Discipline -- Master Gourav Tolwala
Mess -- Master Aashish
Gram Seva -- Master Keshav Jidge
Sports -- Master Waseem
Spirituality -- Miss Bhakti Partani
Campus Management -- Master Shreyas Gampa
Actity Managerment -- Master Vivek Nair

The School Captain, Vice Captains and all the managers were invested by the Chief Guest. The Amphi Theatre felt the taste of the music as the school song was sung melodiously by the School. The Chief Guest addressed the students on being honest and offering prayers to be successful. The Question and Answer session which followed the oath taking ceremony was the most interesting session of the day. Hail Mr.Subramanyam, he was patient enough to attend and to answer all the questions raised by the students. Guess what followed…. The most delicious event of the day… The cake cutting… on the event of 15th birth anniversary of Abhyasa. The chief guest of the day, Mr.Subramanyam was requested to cut the cake. The last performance of the day was the dance performance by the Boys which was a very attractive performance. The programme ended with the National Anthem.

Glimpses of Ice Breakng Function

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