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It was buzz time on the campus on 08.03.2012, as the colourful festival Holi was celebrated on the campus in a very unique manner. All students were given a separate slot for playing Holi. On 07.03.2012, evening, the programme, Holika Dahan was conducted in the grounds. Students of class 8 presented a small drama on the story of Bhakt Prahlad which was well received by the audience.

Abhyasa celebrates Holi in a very unique manner. No chemical colours are used, but organic colours are used which are eco friendly and which will not cause any damage to students while playing the festival of colours. Haldi, Beetroot, Palasa, Palak and other vegetables were used to make colours.

All students played Holi for atleast 3 hours and after they got soaked completed in happiness and colors, they were given a break for a bath. Delicious lunch was served to all the students and they were given rest after lunch. The regular academic slots were executed from 02.30 pm onwards and students became busy to get ready for their board / promotion exams.

We wish all our students a great success in their forthcoming examinations...

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