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“Au Revoir 2012”

The gregarious day the 26th March, the graduation day of the ICSE, IGCSE, ISC classes of batch 2011-2012 was flagged off in the school’s most acclaimed auditorium.

The event commenced with the welcome address by Mr. C.V.K Sastry, Vice Principal - Academics. The occasion was made gracious by the attendance of none other than the Chief Guest Dr. Diana Monterio, counseling psychologist and Director, The Hyderabad Academy of psychology, the Governing Body Member Prof. A.S.Sastry, Principal In charge Mrs. P.L.N Murthy, Director & Founder Principal Mr.Vinayak Kalletla .

The oath was administered by the Director & Founder Principal Mr.Vinayak Kalletla to the students of classes ICSE, IGCSE, ISC of batch 2011-2012.

Addressing the jamboree, the honorable Chief Guest Dr.Diana Monterio started on a hilarious note asking parents a few interactive questions and continued talking to the parents regarding the present day challenges they have to face in bringing up their children. She eloquently explained the four requirements viz:-personality, aptitude, interest, values for the success of a student in his/her future vocation. Later on she distributed the testimonials to the students.

Speaking at the occasion Prof. A.S.Sastry the Governing Body Member emphasized on being adept with the technology and reiterated on using the dwindling resources judiciously and cautioned the techsavy. He said “Today every student aspires to become Bill Gates but never thinks of becoming another C.V. Raman, Moksha Gundam Vishweshwaraiah or Mother Teresa.” He retouched upon the significance of human values.

It was heartening to listen the students about the knowledge that they have gained from Abhyasa. Perhaps that was the most profound and soulful part of the program.

It is incomplete if we kept the words of parents at abeyance .They too spoke out their hearts regarding Abhyasa and how Abhyasa has been parenting their children.

Concluding the event Director & Founder Principal Mr.Vinayak Kalletla spoke about the leadership qualities which Abhyasa has been fostering and nurturing through its entire endeavor.

A farewell party was organized in the spacious Amphi- theatre in the sparkling night.

Here are some glimpses of the event......

Graduation Ceremony   Graduation Ceremony
Students marching towards auditorium   Welcoming the chief Guest
Graduation Ceremony   Graduation Ceremony
Welcoming the parents   Director & Founder Principle administering the oath
Graduation Ceremony   Graduation Ceremony
Chief Guest releasing the Akshaya magazine   Chief Guest addressing the jamboree
Graduation Ceremony   Graduation Ceremony
Dr. Diana Monterio distributing testimonials to students   A parent sharing his opinion
Graduation Ceremony
Director & Founder Principal addressing the jamboree

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