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The second parent teacher interaction of the academic year 2011-2012 was held on 12.02.2012. This is the second parent teacher interaction which happens on the campus. In addition to the same, a book exhibition was also organized at the Tamarind tree motivating the students and parents to buy good books.

The morning session was meant for the junior classes o.e 4 to 8 and the evening session was meant for the senior classes i.e 9 to 12. Almost all the parents attended the session seeking clarifications, offering suggestions and enquiring about their wards’ over all personality development. All the parents of board going students were explained about the steps taken to groom them well for board exams for which they were very happy. The detail of a Himalayan trek planned in the 2nd week of May was also displayed. At the end of the programme, there was an Open House Meeting chaired by Director / Founder Principal during which the queries of the parents were addressed.

All the parents were very happy and thanked the School and teachers for their patience and co-operation and for the quality time spent for development of their wards.

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